Queue Discussion Thread

Discuss the queue, games in the queue, etc. here. The queue thread should be used for submitting games for review; discussion should happen in this thread.

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NGL, IDK how we’ll do this one since all data is lost. I probably need to make a new setup.

The core mechanic is simple to remember, but the roles… I mean, I have “the skeleton of the skeleton”, but at that point it’d be just easier to start from scratch since I remember some things were better off scrapped.

If you want to scrap it, thats absolutely fine. We know not everything got saved, it sucks. Im sorry

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I mean, I don’t exactly have any other alternatives other than scrap the original roles, but otherwise I can just come up with new roles.

I think the biggest issue I am having is the fact that I would need to have my new setup reviewed again. (That, and I need to make the OP again as well, which I believe will cost me a couple dozen minutes.)

Yeah it would need to be re-reviewed yeah. And unfortunately new op due to like lack of one.

btw shouldn’t the queue be wifikiyed so people can actually start queuing games or is all gonna be edited by the mods



When all the mods were the only one touching it we kinda forget to make it a wiki

i appreciate the aggressiveness bird

when will signups for archives of insanity go up

when the universe wills it, eli.

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Archives of Insanity has been…



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It wasnt go home

Wowee Gun
no u

Well I can’t go home now can I

why is it in the queue then smh

Because it’s waiting to be unarchived.

imagine unironically not saving the op

eh now