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ok, you can open signups

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Idea: Faulty Art FM

• Paint Your Mafia Mafia
• Except art and target submission is at day phase (target is drawn as “target” or whatever symbol hosts choose, e.g., red circle / ball)
• Submission deadline is [a couple] hours before phase change (usually 2 hours for me)
• At start of night, mafia will receive [some or all] art submission (NOT target submission) and attempt to guess each action
• If the mafia’s interpretation of the art matches that of the hosts’, then the action fails (Town is not notified)
• Goal of setup: Have town draw their intended actions such that hosts can interpret your action, but not the mafia
• Origin of setup idea: In PYMM2 (Old FoL, July 2021), Mafia got wrecked by Town, among others due to Dreamer of Three. If Mafia could prevent that, then -they probably would’ve still lost, but at least- they wouldn’t had to worry about mech solves.

Extra difficulty mode:
• If the art cannot be interpreted by the hosts, then it will be interpreted as “no action”
• Once per game, each player may double down on an art, forcing the host to interpret their artwork, regardless whether it was meant to be interpretable or not (it is not guaranteed this action will benefit the user or the user’s faction)

I wonder if this means Wazza would have to drink a shot if I were to make a proper setup out of this.

This can be a constant (e.g., three) or a variable (e.g., “however many mafia chose to draw something at day phase”, minus one, plus one, times two, etc.).

The latter is obviously inspired by the about-to-start game, except the circumstances are slightly different as the mafia in this game would have the opportunity to block town’s actions, rather than the choice of enabling town’s actions.

A shot of water.

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Right. We did change that to a glass of water, didn’t we? Healthier and less life-threatening…

as a note, if anyone has a low intensity misc they want to run, we have an available slot!

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I would quite like to run my funny Methods; The Detective Chronicles inspired game now.

I will need a bit to make the intro post.

@ElizaThePsycho I wanna keep my 100% jackal win rate. how much do i have to pay to make this happen


you know as jackal recruit to jackal recurit



Come oonnnnnnnnnnnn you cant leave me in the dust

Hm… a ban and a half?

What does half a ban look like?

A temporary one perhaps?

Fear not! Join and I may or may not rand you given recruit


Idk if i want this.

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mommm has it been two weeks yet??? can i run 2r1b again???
honey its been 10 days
sigh fineee…