[RP Interest Check] Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus (Interest Check)

An unapologetic mash-up of previous Magnus games, players find themselves trapped on a boat with a traitor in their midst.

Alright, so I could’ve called this “Escape Boat: Return of Redux the third” or something ridiculous like that, but I went with this. It’s an Escape Room with RPG elements, taking place on a boat. Make of that what you will.

Player Statistics
The exact values are currently undetermined.


This game uses a milestone exp system, and players begin the story at Level 1. Levelling up increases overall stats, and occasionally unlocks new abilities as well.

During the course of the story, characters will form positive or negative connections with one another. Not only does forming connections with another character benefits the story, there are distinct mechanical advantages; interacting with another character for an extended period of time counts as a milestone to level up. Each connection between two characters is cumulative, so both players will level up.


The “Health” value represents the damage a character can take before succumbing or dying. Each player will survive a killing blow once per battle; if their HP would reach 0, it is instead set to 1 at the end of their turn. Health does not passively regenerate; characters are expected to heal using potions or skills.


Each character a pool of Mana from which they can drain the cost of skills in- or out of battle. Mana does not passively regenerate; players are expected to regenerate Mana using potions or by consuming food.

Attack, Defence and Special Attack

The “Attack” value represents the damage one character may deal to another character, while the “Defence” value partially mitigates the damage dealt. The “Special Attack” value represents the damage dealt by skills, and freely bypasses Defence. However, skills will always cost Mana.


“Luck” represents the chance of dealing a critical blow with a normal attack. Critical attacks do not deal extra damage; instead, critical attacks bypass Defence entirely.

Additional Facts:

Traitor: Players may specifically apply for a chance to be the game’s traitor, although if nobody applies the role will be randomised. The Traitor elects to choose their own skills (which will set the tone for the game’s power level), and will begin at Level 3. The traitor may cooperate with the host to design certain rooms of the boat, and it’s their objective to ensure nobody escapes the boat before daybreak.

Afterlife: Deceased players may continue to explore the boat as ghosts, or hybrid with an existing player to share their Skills and continue to play the game in a certain fashion.


can i push someone into a fire regardless of alignment




magnus opium


Why does everyone accuse me of trafficking drugs?


To hide the fact that you’re trafficking Furries

I don’t traffick people, either.

you gotta have a special crime


like arson


Nah, you traffick illegally gotten fursuits

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Crime with a purpose, please.


Why on Earth would I do that?

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Money. Do you know how much a fursuit costs?

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No, because I’m not buying a fursuit.


Well of course. You’re trafficking them

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I’m not trafficking anything.

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its fun

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you are no fun

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True, but it’s slow to douse one house a night.

I’m hosting this game, aren’t I? Or… maybe.