[RP Interest Check] Trials of Madness

Third time’s the charm, right?

A small candlelight slowly flickers away, as the sounds of an amusement park slowly shutting down in the distance rings through your ears. You’re trapped in a strange room, with a strange man, reading off a strange paper.

This is an Roleplay game, with focus on RPG-like mechanics. Players will walk through and discover different rooms, finding clues, exploring different levels, and well… Murder eachother. There will be a larger focus on death this game compared to its predecessors, as I (personally) believe, less players means less work, less stress, etc etc.

Anything in this interest check is subseptible to changing.

There will be No Randed Turncoat/Saboteur. To compensate for this change, Evil players will generally have wincons more around murder, there will be more Evil players, and most players will be Neutral rather than Good

There is no ability to access a PA system or text, and the main thread will generally remain closed. (although, there may be reasons this will change) and I will allow sometimes allow communication (through whispers and the thread) when I am currently not processing.
Death is permanent. There is no binding, and no room creation to save your soul. If you get struck down during your Swan Song, you’re dead.


There will be three different alignments. Neutral, Good, and Evil. The majority of players will be Neutral, rather than Good, and there will be a larger amount of Evil players.

Neutral players will have (around) 130 ability points
Good players will have (around) 140 ability points
Evil players will have (around) 150 ability points
Good players, however, will be given a few small bonuses to balance it out.

You may be able to change some parts of your abilities when you level up, and you will gain some additional ability points down the line. Themed characters, characters with a backstory, and characters with constant effort being put into them Will gain bonuses, such as your character being good at things they logically would be, your character being able to more masterfully use their abilities, etc. Entertaining me will help the game a lot, and as such you will get rewarded for doing so. Please act in character, it gives the game life that it wouldn’t have without it and it’ll be a lot of fun if you just try.
There will be ability limiters in place, and overly stupid abilities will just… not.
If your backstory is vaguely related to The Princess Bride, you will automatically explode. No exceptions.
If you have any questions, I would kindly recommend you ask the host. The host. Do not trust others. Do not trust others. Do not trust others.

Each player has 5 hidden inventory slots (for now). However, reasonability caps for items will be… more reasonable. If you have a butter knife, it’ll take up around half a slot, for example. Bigger items may take up two slots, or more.

There is no starting item.

Swan Song

You’ve been beaten, bashed and bruised. This is your only hope.
Your Swan Song is activated when you are brought down to 0 HP. All fire, poison, and any other lasting effects are temporarily halted, for four turns. This person gets priorities in most rolls, and is granted advantage on rolls, including attacks.
After each fight, you will automatically regen to one health.
Swan Song is regenerated if the player either is healed to full health, or when a combat encounter ends.


Each character requires the following


Eye Color:
Glasses or Contacts:
Hair Color and Style:
Other Noteworthy Information:

Miscellaneous Character Descriptions:

Motivation: You came to this place with a purpose. Why?

[Character Name] - Level 1
Alignment -
Health -
Mana -
Strength -
Agility -
Magicks -
Intelligence -


There will (likely) be the following stats

  1. Strength
  2. Agility
  3. Magicks
  4. Intelligence

The other stats were kinda :moyai:
Strength: How much you deal by socking the bad guys in the nose, how much you can take from the bad guys socking you in the nose
Agility: How much you deal with ranged weaponary (there may or may not be guns), bottles, etc. How likely you are to dodge
Magicks: How much damage you deal, magickal abilites, etc. This is more important than you think.
Intelligence: How likely you are to see things, small combat buffs (knowing how to use weaponary you’re using helps, shockingly), adds to accuracy

Stat Points
Neutral players will start with 40
Good and Evil players will start with 45
For each level-up, each player will gain 5 Stat Points. In addition, at the start of the game each player will select one non-main stat to gain two stat points per each level up, adding up to seven.

vague numbers that probably mean something idk
HP = 60 + 1.5(STR)
Mana = 10 + 1.5(MAG) + 0.5(INT)
Accuracy = A(1/3 Int) + (1/4 AGI) OR (1/4 Magicks) - D(3/4 AGI)
Crit Change = 1/2(Int) + 1/8(STR Or Agi) Or (1/4 Magicks)
Physical = A(Str) + (Weapon Bonus) - D(Armor)
Ranged = A(Agi) + (Weapon Bonus) - D(3/4 Armor)
Magicks = A(Mag) + (Spell Bonus/Subtraction) - D(3/4 Armor)


You may only whisper a player by being in the same room as them, being close enough to them, and typing in chat /whisper [player]. (There is other possible ways of whispering, however that is the easiest) You may talk about the game beforehand, but not during.


There will be a shopkeep mechanic practically throught the entire game.
Each player will have a certain amount of Gold at the start of the game, and it will be maintained throught the game
Gold amount isn’t public, however: Your killer, no matter for what reason, will gain all of your Gold.
On average, players will start with 100 Gold. However, there will be something meant to take that away from you early on


There will be several npcs. Most can talk. Few are friendly, some are Neutral, some are just gonna try and kill you.
The Shopkeeper, for example, is a neutral NPC. Some enemies may attack you while misunderstanding your presence, and some will attack you for funsies. Some bosses can be beaten without killing them, and there will be plentiful rewards for doing so.

Burnout is going to likely be my main enemy here, so if y’all have any suggestions, please please state them. The more fun you all are having, and the more entertaining the players are, the less likely this game is to end up like its predessors. I want one roleplay rpg game to end with a fufilling ending, rather than it getting nuked.

also i probably forgot like half the things i wanted to mention tbh


i promise you the name is a work in progress


i propose the following stat system

  1. :joy_cat:
  2. :ayaya:
  3. :moyai:
  4. :gun:
  5. :moneybag:

Hey Atlas. I have some questions to ask which I would like to discuss privately. Do you use Discord or do you want me to PM you here?

oh yeah right

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you can pm me here or use disc
whatver is easier
i’ll give you my disc if you need it

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there’s a shopkeep mechanic
The game will have a maximum of 16 players, still working on cap

Discord would be preferable.

in all seriousness
FotD made me realize that i realy cant do competitive rpgs without serious help/support
good luck with this though


fair enough

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pretty exhausted since I spent a bit writing this but I can answer questions for a bit

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death will be an actual mechanic this game
not something you dance around
so if its not your forte its fine


:ayaya: and :joy_cat: are defensive stats
:moyai: and :gun: are offensive stats
:moneybag: is a joat stat for overall benefits across the board

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Since when has death not been a mechanic?

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literally nobody died for over 2 months in fotd


Only because no one was actually killing.

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because nobody had any reason to
you could easily report your killers
it was useless


because there was 1 evil player and she was very depressed

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and uh
which is