[RP] Magnum Opus (Concluded)

Magnum Opus
Hosted by @Magnus, Cohosted by @eevee, @Zone_Q11 & @DirectorHail.

A swaying candle brings you to your senses. You aren’t alone, surrounded on all sides by the sounds of quiet breathing, a dozen eyes focused on the candle’s dying flame. The sound of waves can be heard in the distance, and the floor you’re laying on sways as if in a breeze. Who are you all, and why are you here? And more importantly, how can you get out?

This game is designed to incorporate elements from the Host’s previous games hosted on the old forums. This game, in particular, is an escape room on a boat with RPG mechanics. Players will explore room after room, attempting to survive the traps within each one. The Turncoat will usually help design trapped rooms, which could be designed in a myriad of ways, limited only by their creativity, so remain on your guard. Important information will be highlighted. The only constant between each room is a radio hanging on the wall, connected to the global Public Address (P.A) system, which can be used to communicate with every player publicly.

There is a chance for a room to be a Safe Haven. These rooms are designed solely by the Host, possess no traps, are brightly lit to ward off ghosts, and contain enough supplies for everyone to use. These rooms are encouraged to be used for roleplay purposes. However, the Turncoat can design rooms designed to look like a Safe Haven, and a ghost can still cause hallucinations - represented by the light source suddenly dying -, and PvP can always ensue, so never lower your guard.

Participants who decide to backtrack, or enter a hidden passage, are considered Off the Record. These rooms are not guaranteed to possess a radio used to communicate using the P.A system.


Players will have the chance to prioritise certain stats over others.


This game uses a milestone experience system, and players - save for the Turncoat - begin the story at Level 1. Levelling up increases overall stats, and occasionally unlocks new abilities as well.

During the course of the story, characters will form positive or negative connections with one another. Not only does forming connections with another character benefit the story, there are distinct mechanical advantages; interacting with another character for an extended period of time counts as a milestone to level up, and each connection between two characters is cumulative, so both players will level up.


The “Health” value represents the damage a character can take before succumbing or dying. Each player can survive a killing blow once per encounter; if their HP would reach 0, it is instead set to 1 at the end of their turn. Health does not passively regenerate; characters are expected to heal using potions or skills.

Each character a pool of “Mana” from which they can drain the cost of skills in- or out of battle. Mana does not passively regenerate; players are expected to regenerate Mana using potions or by consuming food.

Attack, Defence and Special Attack

The “Attack” value represents the damage one character may deal to another character, while the “Defence” value partially mitigates the damage dealt. The “Special Attack” value represents the damage dealt by skills, and freely bypasses Defence. However, skills will always cost Mana.


“Luck” represents the chance of dealing a critical blow with a normal attack. Critical attacks do not deal extra damage; instead, critical attacks bypass Defence entirely. Additionally, luck decreases the chance of player attacks hurting you, although this doesn’t apply to traps or stealth attacks.

At the beginning of the game, at least one player will be selected as the Turncoat, with the objective to prevent as many of the remaining innocent participants from escaping the boat before daybreak. This can be accomplished through the act of murder, restraint or some other means. Additionally, the Turncoat anonymously begins the game at LVL 3, elects to decide their own skills and cooperates with the Host to design certain rooms inside the boat.

Meanwhile, the other participants have the primary objective to individually escape the boat while alive: in other words, intentionally sabotaging another player for your own sake is not only permitted, but encouraged if it’s necessary to escape. “Escaping the boat” is defined as finding your way off, and reaching the mainland by any means necessary.

Deceased players can earn their victory by continuing to play the game in one of two fashions; either by spiritually bonding with a willing surviving player as a hybrid, which results in both players sharing a private chat and the ability to share their Skills and the best of their stats, or by continuing to explore the boat as a wandering soul. Ghosts who choose the second path can cooperate with the host to cause a Hallucination at any time, which causes the entire group of players within the room to see images which aren’t there in an attempt to cause a death. Any ghost who causes the death of another player by such means will be resurrected immediately. Therefore, it’s safe to imagine the number of Hallucinations will increase as the game progresses and players presumably continue to die.

Hallucinations cannot occur in two different rooms consecutively, and players will be forewarned of this variable, although they won’t be told what’s real and what isn’t.

P.A System
Players with access to a radio can use it at any time to share a public message into the game chat, for every player to see. These messages are anonymous; you can claim your identity in your message, but that also leaves the possibility of claiming you’re someone you’re not. This could be used for serious purposes, or for a quick laugh. Up to you.
Pro Gamer Move - Anonymous.


Identity Card

Eye Colour:
Glasses or Contacts:
Hair Colour:
Hair Style:
Outfit (Including Accessories or Jewellery):

Backstory: (Optional)
Motivation: (Optional)
Dark Secrets: (Optional)

Additionally, players can dedicate two tokens to any of the stats listed above. These tokens can double up. Every time you level up, any stats with a token will additionally increase by one, and if you levelled up by interacting with someone they uniquely share the benefit of your token, and vice versa. This doesn’t sound like it’ll do a whole lot on its own, but if you’re consistently levelling up you could gain an extra, say, ten points of damage, so don’t underestimate it.
Tokens can be doubled up.

  1. Atlas - Epione
  2. ElizaThePsycho - Mary
  3. Trochilidae - Kestrel / Finch
  4. Aeternum - Aeter
  5. Marshal - Doctor Medicine
  6. Quantum - Q
  7. Min - Persephone
  8. Jarek - Jordon
  9. Ranta - Lily
  10. WindwardAway - Rowan
  11. Silviu - Zi Bao
  12. Squirrel - Spruce
  13. Daeron - Palpatine
  14. GGhana - Paul Blart
  15. Apprentice - Damon
  16. Wazza - Alex
  17. Litten - Alucard
  18. Aelin - Ashlin

Missed the signups, but don’t want to miss the fun? DM @Magnus and something might be arranged!

If you have any important questions, ASK before you sign up. Not that you can’t ask during the game, but it would be unfortunate to sign up, realise you won’t have fun, and be forced to sit through a game you don’t like or AFK. Signups will close once everyone’s pretty much ready.


i’m interested
i haven’t rpd in forever

ohmygod a magnus misc how iconic
@Daeron reminder to myself to read this tomorrow

edit: this didn’t even trigger a ping that’s BS I have a better idea @LadyGaga

That’s how it is, sometimes, isn’t it?
I adore RP, but there’s not really an opportunity most of the time.

is turncoat selection random or can people opt in and out of the turncoat selection pool

i will not murder all my teammates

i’ll leave one alive to tell the tale


can it be me :point_right::point_left:

Would you prefer to be known as Daeron or KyoDaz?

It’s random if nobody opts in.



im definitely not trying to lure you into a false sense of security

how long will it take

I don’t mind. You can choose, but it’s probably simpler as Daeron for newer people joining the forum

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however long it takes for all of us to turn on eachother

i want to join but im not sure if i should

i love false senses of security


i mean uh

Say you’ll kill them, they relax when you don’t, and then you kill them.

Uhh… I’m not sure. I’m hoping it doesn’t take as long as the later rps I ran in the old forum. If it’s like the original Escape Room, it might last a couple weeks.

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can i kill the host