[RP] Magnum Opus (Concluded)

Why did you just turn into a crow (and where can I get these pictures)

the hummingbird is no more.

is this game stil running

unfortunately, yes

is your refrigerator still running

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i say we convert this thread into Are you smarter then a Fourm user 2


but I’m smarter than everyone else

yes I’m very obese I cannot catch up to it

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please no not again
i’m too tired to reinvent geometry


10 / 6 / 1 / 1

10: Captives.
6: Turncoats.
1: Survivor.
1: Fledgling.

Amber lighting retreated from the walls as the candle’s flickering flame finally died: the shimmering water beyond the confines of the Ship was lit ablaze with a shimmering brilliance as the sun rose above the surface of the water, revealing wooden boards across doorways and no crew on board. This Ship was never designed to imprison eighteen individuals, and yet someone had tried regardless.

Ashlin kneeled in the centre of the room, and a golden light manifested over her: as a wing sprouted from Ashlin’s back, a silver mist spread from her form, and Ashlin fragmented, the Ship continuing to disintegrate around her.


The scenery flickered, shunting back and forth between the bobbing ocean and the land with no sky; finally, the Ship and everyone on it was forcefully removed from the memory, leaving only the Library standing in this empty void.

The rift in space was finally repaired, inwardly collapsing on its own. Within the Library’s record room, particles were drawn from the air and manipulated into forming the shape of another crystalline rock, along numerous others, this one split into eighteen facets.

Kestrel & Squirrel

The harpy and the squirrel, the most proactive Turncoat and one of the Captives: the unlikely dynamic duo disappeared into a vortex of multicoloured leaves, escaping the encroaching darkness. And yet…


True to form, more than one individual on the Ship believed themselves to be in control. Kestrel had already managed to flee the disintegrating Ship, and Q had vanished in a similar manner. Lily and Mary peacefully waited for the silver mist to take them.

Rowan held up a wrench as skeletons and a grim reaper closed in around them, but was spared from a painful death when Rowan succumbed to the swing of a scythe.

Epione was never one to go down without a fight: as skeletons closed in on everyone in that room, Epione opened both eyes, having proven resourceful enough to fake a multi-universal demise. As their world threatened to collapse around them, Epione turned and jumped into the midst of skeletons— and that was that. Nobody knew what came of Epione after that.


The world can rest assured no survivors were found in the following weeks: then again, due to the specific nature of the Ship’s end, none of the deaths could be verified. Certainly, the occurrence of lightning storms increased exponentially, and certain witnesses claimed seeing an old man crackling in the rain during these times. However, it appears a majority of the cast perished, and theories of which characters survived and which characters succumbed run rampant.

We Are The Dead

Even as the Ship dissolved, the ghosts couldn’t be impacted or dissolved, drifting above the fading Ship. Alucard parted from the group with a chuckling laugh, and spent the next few years selling strangely sentient kitchen appliances. Strangely enough, the ghost of Aeter — otherwise known as the mysterious first victim — was never actually located, nor identified.

Lost on the metallic floorboards of the abandoned Ship, an Oculus-branded cellphone lit up, displaying the notifications of a dozen missed calls. This phone alone survived the gradual process of disintegration, only to fall and drift away into the ocean for a very long time. Eventually, Aeter’s cellphone washed up on a beach, coated in copious amounts of silver mist.

  • Eliza was slain by Aelin.
  • Aeternum was slain by Trochilidae, assisted by Aeternum.
  • Marshal was executed under the King’s orders.
  • Quantum was slain by Aelin.
  • Jarek was slain by Trochilidae, assisted by Aelin.
  • Silviu was slain by Silviu.
  • GGhana was executed under the King’s orders.
  • Litten was slain by Aeternum, assisted by Quantum, Trochilidae and Wazza.
  • Aelin was brought to rest by Aelin’s hand.

i didn’t kill enough people damn

…turncoat win?

Gg I was Katze

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no that’s my line

technically i killed wind too

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I had more kills/assists than you smh

ok ms “totally not a goddess”
(this is a joke)

we can technically count the king kills as partly mine too
i was all in that shit