SCoD 68 - Ascendance of the Unshackled - Unshackled win

scum are still scum and know they are scum regardless of if htey are luminary
the only thing the luminary does differently is that they lack true self preservation


Give your gut a phone call and ask it why so

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While I am observant person, this doesn’t come to me as memorable for some reason.

Most silent person?

Yeah as in, you forget to be in the game!

Either way I don’t remember signing up for that.

Comparing to CoD2 and this game, what’s changed?

Here’s an example


Therefore haha you aren’t in the game you do not have voting power you do not exist

I discussed the nature of the replacements


I still randed wolf, four times in a row.

CoD2 broke that curse.

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How about you give me that curse of yours

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It’s been 2 years, I haven’t randed mafia once on this site

And also this!




The curse was too powerful

Oh yeah that’s right

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“Frozen as scum” was your take, right?

Not really

Is that you forget you exist :relieved:

I did not see you as scum once IIRC

I have being wrong about you twice, hopefully no comedic timing of three.

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What if you are very convert we’re looking today

I could be, literally anyone could be, I have nothing to go off of right now, neither do you