Secret Palpatine Round 2 - Signups (10/10) Closed

In a galaxy far far away, the Jedi are in a war for control of the galactic government. Whoever controls the government, rules the galaxy. To complicate matters for the Jedi, the Sith have sent in undercover agents posing as Jedi to undermine them and secretly advance the Sith agenda, who rumor has it is led by the sinister Palpatine.

To make matters even worse, it is also rumored that Palpatine himself is one of the undercover Sith agents posing as Jedi. Will the Jedi root out the traitors and maintain control of the government? Or will the Sith succeed in pitting the Jedi against each other to advance their agenda? This is the game of Secret Palpatine hosted by CRichard and co-hosted by Silviu200530.

Palpatine Senate Meme


  • Players are expected to post at least 20 game related posts per discussion cycle.
  • Remember that the Global Rules apply to this game and will be enforced if needed (Global Rules).
  • Anyone who 0 posts will be force replaced and blacklisted from future games.
  • The game pits Jedi vs Sith.
  • Jedi are the uninformed majority, while the Sith are the informed minority.

Number setup:

5: 3 Jedi vs 1 Sith + Palpatine
6: 4 Jedi vs 1 Sith + Palpatine
7: 4 Jedi vs 2 Sith + Palpatine
8: 5 Jedi vs 2 Sith + Palpatine
9: 5 Jedi vs 3 Sith + Palpatine
10: 6 Jedi vs 3 Sith + Palpatine


  • Secret Palpatine is a game of The Senate. Players will vote on governments, pass policies, and try to find out who’s who.
  • Every player will DMed one of three roles: Jedi, Sith, and Palpatine.
    • The Jedi are the majority, and do not know anybody else’s role.
    • The Sith are the minority, want to stay hidden, and know each other & Palpatine.
    • Palpatine is on the Sith team, but doesn’t know the Sith at 7+ players.
  • The game is divided into three phases: Election, Legislative, and Executive Action phases

Win conditions:

  • The Jedi win when either 5 Jedi policies are passed, or Palpatine is assassinated.

  • The Sith with when either 6 Sith policies are passed, or Palpatine is elected Supreme Chancellor with 3 or more Sith policies on board.

  • If a player is assassinated or elected Chancellor with 3 or more Sith policies on board, they must answer truthfully and publicly if they are Palpatine or not. If the player is Palpatine, the game ends with a Jedi victory if Palpatine dies, or a Sith victory if Palpatine is elected Chancellor with 3 or more Sith policies on the board. If the player isn’t Palpatine, the game will continue without their alignment being revealed.

Election Phase

  • When this phase starts, the next player in the list will become the Vice Chair. (Seats are randomized pre-game.)
  • The Vice Chair will then select a Chancellor.
  • Then, everybody privately sends in a vote of if they want this to be the Government.
  • If a majority of players vote yes, then the government passes and the game moves into the Legislative phase; otherwise, the government fails and the phase restarts.
  • If the government fails three times in a row, the top policy in the deck is immediately passed, and the game moves into the Executive Action phase.
  • The votes for government will be revealed after everyone has sent in their votes.

Legislative Phase

  • In this phase, the government needs to pass a policy to benefit a faction. The Vice Chair and Chancellor may not talk during this phase.

  • The Vice Chair will be privately dealt 3 policies from the top of the deck. They must discard one, and then they PM the Chancellor & the hosts with the two policies remaining. The Chancellor then PMs me with the one they wish to discard, and the remaining policy is dealt onto one of two boards that look kinda like this (rough drawing):

  • There are 6 Jedi policis in the deck, and 11 Sith policies.

  • You are free to lie about any policies you receive.

Executive Action

  • This phase only occurs if a Sith policy is passed.
  • In this phase, the Vice Chair will use a certain power granted to them, as specified on the board.
  • The Vice Chair must use it before the game can continue, and must use it within 24 hours.
  • After usage, the game continues from the Election Phase
  • Powers possible:
    • Investigate somebody’s alignment (but not if they are Palpatine or not). The first two Sith policies passed will enable this power.
    • Decide the next Vice Chair. After their election and/or subsequent phases, the game will continue as normal, the next Vice Chair being in the order as if the next Vice Chair hadn’t been decided at all. The third Sith policy passed will enable this power.
    • Assassinate somebody. They are removed from the game, and their alignment is not revealed. If they are Palpatine, then the Jedi win. The fourth and fifth Sith policy passed will enable this power.
    • Veto power is unlocked after the fifth Sith policy is passed.

Veto Power

After the Chancellor sees their policies, they may privately tell the Vice Chair they want to discard all policies. If the Vice Chair agrees, the game moves onto the next Election Phase, with this counting as a failed government. Otherwise, the Chancellor selects a policy as normal.

Eligibility Rules

  • If a player was the last elected as Vice Chair or Chancellor, then they cannot be nominated as Chancellor in the next government.
  • If the Election Tracker passes a policy, then any player is Eligible.
  • If the Veto Power is used, the eligibility stays the same.
  • Eligibility rules only effect Chancellorhood, not Vice Chair-hood.


  1. Whysper
  2. WindwardAway
  3. Marluna
  4. Lucky
  5. Mistyx
  6. Leafia
  7. Cape90
  8. AtNoName
  9. Aleph
  10. ClonedCheese



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