[Signups] MORBTAINADO (14/14) FULL

Rude, I’m not that fat.

how do the hosts feel about morbophobia

You will be banned if you engage in any Morbism

This game may be delayed to accommodate anni just a tad

i am here

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This looks fun :eyes:

please don’t lie to yourself lmao

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well uh

this is truly one of the games of all time

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the signups filled, the game ran and ended, and it was overall

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it’s brilliant
yes of course it is

/in. Sounds fun.

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why aren’t you a normal day vigilante you cat fuck

what if I write unfunny flavour and post it and everyone subs out

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and then you’ll cry

and piss yourself perchance

i like to do crimes

because I’m a criminal

I’m a demon bitch




It’s Spec chat wolfin' time