Singers FM - Day 4 [10/20] - Thread 2 - Game Over (Mafia Wins)

Welcome to Singers FM!

Hosted and designed by @Daeron, cohosted by @Amelia & @ElizaThePsycho and reviewed by @Geyde

The setup will start once 20 players have signed up. Backups are appreciated.


Days will be 48 hours long, or shorter if someone is lynched.
Nights will be 24 hours long or until everyone has submitted their actions.
Actions are done by messaging me.
Feedback is typically only given to investigative abilities.
This game is bastard. Anything is possible - design may be atypical, experimental and unbalanced.
The setup is a closed, high power rolemadness.


Executions will be plurality.

Example Rolecard

You are...

Gwen Stefani

Genre: Pop rock

“So I’m ready to attack, gonna lead the pack
Gonna get a touchdown, gonna take you out
That’s right, put your pom-poms down
Getting everybody fired up”

Anyone with the Pop rock genre that visits you is healed.

Melody: Hollaback Girl

“A few times I’ve been around that track
So it’s not just gonna happen like that
'Cause I ain’t no hollaback girl
I ain’t no hollaback girl”

The first time one of your Harajuku Girls dies to anything other than the lynch, they don’t.

Interlude: Rich Girl (1-shot)

“I’d get me four Harajuku girls to (Uh-huh)
Inspire me, and they’d come to my rescue
I’d dress them wicked, I’d give them names (Yeah)”

During the day, you may target four players: they are your Harajuku girls.

Chorus: What You Waiting For? (1-shot)

“Get me lots of brand new fans
Osaka, Tokyo
You Harajuku girls
Damn, you’ve got some wicked style, go”

Roleblock all of your Harajuku girls.

Defeat all threats to the Town.


  1. jail - Executed Day 3 - Town Lady Gaga
  2. Wazza
  3. Someone - Shot Day 2 - Town Rihanna
  4. Jarek
  5. Leafia
  6. Bionic - Executed Day 2 - Mafia Adele
  7. Frostwolf103
  8. Hazardwaste
  9. SirDerpsAlot
  10. catbae - Killed Night 3 - Town Doja Cat
  11. Creature
  12. Brakuren - Killed Night 2 - Town Madonna
  13. Gocj
  14. bystander
  15. Luxy - Exploded Day 2 - Town Zara Larsson
  16. Kiiruma - Exploded Day 3 - Town Charli XCX
  17. Zugzwang - Shot Day 3 - Town Lorde
  18. guavagudetama - Executed Day 1 - Town Kesha
  19. Kanave - Exploded Day 4 - Town Lana Del Rey
  20. YouButWorse thepigeonnyc
  1. Zone_Q11
  2. thepigeonnyc
  3. JKBenbot
  1. ElizaThePsycho
  2. Jane
  3. astand
  4. May
  5. ash4fun
  6. Chloe
  7. Marshal

thepigeonnyc (4): SirDerpsAlot, Gocj, Frostwolf103, Jarek
Creature (2): Wazza, Leafia
Wazza (1): Creature

Not Voting (3): Hazardwaste, bystander, thepigeonnyc


Darn. My post was erased when I switched to this thread. Darn.

I’m not in the PoE Derps.

This is so wolfy it’s unbelievable.

Yeah. That Kanave bombing was pretty bad. VOTE: Pigeon

Never mind. I was able to get it back.

Please give us our ability to like posts back oh benevolent hosts. @LadyGaga


Also just kill pigeon, bros a woof

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Thanks hosts. @LadyGaga

I think we have to kill Creature today

I’m not convinced

Everything on pigeon here feels like bandwagoning, the same exact thing happened day 3 when catbae tried to bomb me for no reason

Suddenly a lot of people seems to have forgotten they were actually scumreading Kanave


yeah funny you

I’m about to suggest voting Creature so rethink that world, buddy

My entire thoughts have shifted, Creature has tried to bandwagon 3 days in a row now, it’s beyond apparent, feels heavily like an opportunistic wolf consistently

VOTE: Creature

It’s not going to change my thoughts lol

I can’t win the game tomorrow (assuming I am a wolf) if pigeon is lynched (assuming pigeon is a wolf) and Wazza is my wolf buddy

In that world I can only kill Hazard (assuming Hazard is town) and that would bring the game from 5v3 to 4v3

Going to call it a night now. It has been a long day for me, so good night everyone. :sleepingleafeon:

gocj did it work