Starcraft Overhaul FM - GAME OVER (Mafia Victory)

VOTE: Italy
last second funny

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VOTE: Italy

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Day 4 Final Vote Count

Italy (5): Magnus, beancat, Marluna, Silviu200530, Jaiden
beancat (1): Italy
Marluna (1): CRichardFortressLies

Not Voting (2): Cape90, Zorvo

@Italy has been executed!

He was...

Night 4 has begun and will end at 2022-10-29T20:00:00Z.


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@Magnus has been killed!

His role was...

Day 5 starts and ends at 2022-10-31T21:00:00Z.

Since there are 7 players alive, majority requires 4 votes.


Ok so I’m going to try and sort some stuff out, does anyone have Confirmability who Magnus Jailkept?
Cause if it was me I’d like to be said so wolves don’t push me.

Not too surprising, seeing as Magnus was heavily spewed town from Italy.

There aren’t too many suspects from my perspective after the Italy flip.
Beancat is hard spewed town from Italy.
Zorvo is likely town as I’ve explained before.
Cape90 is desperado confirmed town.
Italy made a post which I feel TMIed Jaiden as town.
Which leaves Marluna and Silviu as the main suspects fmpov.

It might not confirm me completely if Magnus Jailkept me but if he did you would know it wasn’t me that killed him and that I’m very likely town here.

Consider I know for a fact I’m town but from other perspectives they might view me as wolf.

@Cape90 is for sure town.
@Jaiden Is the only other investigative claim so I doubt they are wolves with Italy here.
@CRichardFortressLies was outed day 2 by a wolf
@beancat shot Jarek and was being pushed by Italy
@Silviu200530 has never been pushed this entire game. They are a messager role if I remember correctly.
@Marluna claims to be the one to die to investigatives yet Italy never killed them

I’m thinking Marluna/Silviu probably?

They were spewed town from Neon tbh.

I guess they didn’t believe my claim?
Also if they do after they claim 1-shot and I flip hollow man, he would become suspicios like immeadiatly.
Also, also Magnus roleblocked them N3, so they couldn’t do it that time, even if they wanted to.

Jaiden should have been on Magnus, in my opinion.

So I would wait on him before theory-crafting.


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Fuck meant to reply that to Italy’s flip
Now I just look like a psycho ._.

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Seeing as they were shading Magnus here, that might give us a clue on which claims are most likely fake claims by wolves.
So, they were telling the truth about my role for towncred. As I suspected.

Beancat 100% unaligned with Italy from this post.

Trying to figure out if Italy was trying to get me to back off their buddy here, or was trying to get me to push a townie here.

Shading beancat’s vig claim. Good look for beancat.

Doesn’t mention Silviu here.

Can see that. Though Italy spew exonerates Magnus even more.

I don’t see why they make this post if they were lying about my role.

Magnus’ role card description was missing its latter half. Somehow.
It has now been fixed.

Miss Direction.