Story's Terrible Awful Mixtape (SEND ALBUMS)

I submit

Born Pink by Blackpink

Despite being kpop i think it’s a full English album

why are you writing in times new roman

this was today’s story like a month ago


I think you see this as a client-contractor kind of relationship. Think of me as your test subject. No not even that. Think of me as a piece of lab equipment. Your university couldn’t afford more than one and everybody is booking slots on the timetable for their one chance, they won’t have another in a while. Do whatever you want to do the most in the little time you have- oh you already submitted something nevermind then

I recently played a hydra game as Miku, where to differentiate myself I used times new roman. I quite liked it, so I’m using it for this project now. This is me speaking as Story, the piece of lab equipment.


I miss Miku

Chapter 2: I just think it’s neat

A couple years ago was when I was in high school. I say i was in highschool, I was supposed to be in highschool. At that point I had stopped going to school entirely. I wanted to, I just never had the motivation. Around that time, I received a nice little piece of mail from the school, telling me I had to go in and do my practice exams or I would have to leave the school. In retrospect – they couldn’t kick me out. It was just an empty threat. My friend got the same letter and he didn’t get kicked out when he didn’t take the practise papers. Who would’ve guessed?
Not wanting to leave school, I panicked like I had never panicked before. And that panic turned into motivation. I had around one week of prep to go over everything. I did. I did terribly on all the exams anyways but I did.
I cannot understate nothing has put me through such an amount of stress. It feels silly to say that about practice exams but it is true. I had to go to all the teachers and get study material and do all these things I hadn’t done in a very, very long time.
You may ask what this has to do with any of this. It does, sort of. I mostly just like talking. But how I feel about music and everything else in life has been different since then. Permamently.
At the time I didn’t really understand it, but since I’ve come to think of it as a kind of slight ego beating. My sense of self changed, but my perception changed especially. I would look around at everything and see a beauty in all of it, no matter how small. The same goes for music and all art really. I had a newfound understanding and appreciation of… everything.
Since then, although I’ve somewhat recovered from that, the remnants of it are still clearly visible in how I view music.
Satin Panthers is probably, realistically, not very good. But I see the person there and because of that I like it. It is real. And real things are beautiful. I enjoyed the entirety of Satin Panthers. There are imperfections. So many imperfections. But those imperfections are what make it what it is. You wouldn’t of thought of Satin Panthers without them. Isn’t that great? No? Just me?

Chonny’s Charming Chaos Compendium, Vol. 1 is by far the longest thing I’ve listened to so far. Both Satin Panthers and 10,000 gecs totaled around 40 minutes and this is uh. 100. Approximately equal to 40,000 gecs. That’s not to say it overstays its welcome though.
There is clearly alot going on in this, which, as someone not familiar with the creator or any of the process of it, is probably completely lost on me. However, from what I have gotten, I have enjoyed very much, in many cases more than its source material. It is quirky, it is noisy, it is chaotic, and I love it. The production choices here are very suited towards my tastes in particular. The brief moments of calm and softness are appreciated too, they feel, pure for the lack of a better term. There is something very honest in how they are used and they space everything nicely. They are much more common as the album progresses which helped give me some breathing room which, given the fact that I am listening to this in one whole block, was very appreciated.
I don’t really have much bad to say. There are some things that probably exist as a result of the source materials that I don’t care for. Tally Hall’s music has this kind of jester-y tinge that I don’t like very much, and while the highs here make it much more tolerable it still lurks behind the sound.
My favourite song is Dream, followed by Taken for a Ride. Dream surprised me when I was going into this. I wasn’t expecting what came from it but I loved it. How the verses burst out of the Intro and then again in the bridge. Every line comes with such an impact. Fantastic song.
Taken for a Ride represents the album to a much wider degree, and was a very satisfying end to the experience.

I imagine this is something I’ll come back to in the future in an attempt to understand it better, but for now, I have alot to get on with.



I… don’t think much needs to be said. This felt just like a wholer experience to me. The average of this album are comparable to some of the highs of 10,000 gecs for me. New leader.

  1. Chonny Jash - Chonny’s Charming Chaos Compendium
  2. 100 gecs - 10,000 gecs (YoubutWorse)
  3. Hudson Mohawke - Satin Panthers (katze)

I think from my description of Dream you can tell where it’s going to go. It left an impact for sure. New leader.

  1. Chonny Jash - Dream (Outro from Calamity) (Keldi)
  2. 100 gecs - One Million Dollars (YoubutWorse)
  3. Hudson Mohawke - Octan (katze)

Thank you for the listen, @Keldi! I’m adding your other album to the list now. Feel free to submit again


Autism :fire: :fire: :fire:


Hawaii part 2

By miracle musical

Is this story’s autobiography btw


I’ve started this off by giving some… documentation for a lack of a better term? Everything I’ve said has been for the purpose of describing how I interact with music. I am explaining how this piece of lab equipment works. Chapter 1 is the format for the most part – I talk about random small things and, if you’re lucky, link them back to the album.

Also, we have an addition from off site! Ivy has added TECHDOG 1-7, by Patricia Taxxon. It is 12 hours. Oh no.


Fun fact I thought about adding techdog despite the fact that the only things I know about it are

  1. Ivy’s listened to it
  2. It is twelve hours (slightly shorter than all of Taylor Swift’s discography) (had to listen to someone do the math on this live on a VC)

Mostly becuase of hte seocnd part. I decided to go for A Classic instead

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Little Devil Parade from LiSA has some good J-Pop songs.

its hard to review albums when im using my bus time to catch up on sleep. Soon


Imagine needing sleep.

yeah clearly my body disagrees with me on sleep given it refuses to let me do it at night


i have never listenned to death grips or anything related to death grips. May what did you do


ignore my Mario 64 Romhack Soundtrack and my Random Youtube “Breakcore” Playlist. And femtanyl. They are there because those are THINGS I HAVE LISTENED TO

It’s recommended for you

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