Story's Terrible Awful Mixtape (SEND ALBUMS)

I sit on a bus for hours at a time. It is very boring.
Post an album. I will listen to it. I will then put it in a list placed on how I feel about it. I will give a “review” of said album. I will also pick 1 or 2 songs from the album to put in the best songs list. My terrible taste in music will affect the scoring. I will listen to any genres. Good luck.

The Chapters (so far)

Chapter 0: 10,000 gecs
Chapter 1: Satin Panthers
Chapter 2: Chonny’s Charming Chaos Compendium
Chapter 3: Krystal

The Tierlist

  1. Chonny Jash - Chonny’s Charming Chaos Compendium (Keldi)
  2. Matt Maltese - Krystal (Marshal)
  3. 100 gecs - 10,000 gecs (YoubutWorse)
  4. Hudson Mohawke - Satin Panthers (katze)
  1. Chonny Jash - Dream (Outro from Calamity) (Keldi)
  2. Matt Maltese - Jupiter (Marshal)
  3. 100 gecs - One Million Dollars (YoubutWorse)
  4. Hudson Mohawke - Octan (katze)



10,000 gecs by 100 gecs


god fucking damnit


i feel so clean

ive never listened to any 10000 gecs. I did enjoy some of 1000 gecs though. The first album will be 10000 gecs by 100 gecs

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how many albums do we get? I have a few that I’d like to rec LOL

as many as you want but if you send multiple the latter ones will be put to the back of the line. To keep it fair

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It’s worth noting I’m like. not allowed to do anything while listening to the album. I am either on the bus or pretending to do work or having insomnia. To keep it even I must become one with the music

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its better than 1000 gecs (1000 gecs still amazing ftr)

id ask you if its psychotic but I dont want spoilers. However I will let it know my favourite genre of music is music made by the actually deranged (just like me fr)

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I am currently listening to GIRL HELL 1999 by femtanyl. its not my favourite song by them its just whats on right now but I feel like the title alone gets my point across

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in fact dont look it up the album art is something else

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What happens if we win

Pride of having objectively the best music taste?

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Also this will never end as long as I am bored. So it will never end

This is the song that doesn’t end
Yes it goes on and on my friend

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femtanyl goes hard

okay you arent supposed to know who femtanyl is for this analogy