Story's Terrible Awful Mixtape (SEND ALBUMS)

satin panthers by hudson mohawke

I didn’t recognise it for a second and then when cbat came up i was like. oh
of course I will listen to satin panthers after 10000 gecs

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i dont i just meant that name goes hard

thank the LORD

but now i shall check it out :eye:

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i didnt know there was an album behind the genius


I know you reccomended 10000 gecs but I think the average person just turns to ash upon listening to this

im not youre average person :3

I’m waiting for someone to say Hawaii: Part II

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Hawaii: Part II


ok in all seriousness

for a non cover album and

for a cover album

You can be that person if you want. This is a no judgement zone [LOUD INCORRECT BUZZER] I mean it’s a safe [LOUD INCORRECT BUZZER] I mean it’s [LOU


You are listening to krystal by Matt Maltese and you are going to LIKE it (maybe. Probably not)

I have like 50 albums I wanna recommend but I want to do something more obscure. But it’s hard to balance because often times things I like are obscure for a very good reason, that reason being that they are not very good

Story could run a Walrus.

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The Maybe Man. by AJR


uufo by camellia

featuring toby fox of toby fox fame

there there