[TEST Signups 6/6] Danganronpa 6 - NOT THE KILLING GAME

Danganronpa 6 TEST: Inspection

not A killing game.

Hosted by @Geyde, @Icibalus, and @Arete

What is this?

  • Danganronpa is a forum game based on the approximately popular game series of the same name
  • You would typically be murdering people in a high-stakes simulation, but we are not doing any of that today. We are doing some basic tests to determine how good various weird mechanics are.

Test Phase

  • During this phase, players may perform actions freely (explained below), explore the cabin, and do incredibly stupid and completely unjustifiable actions for the sake of ephemeral comedy.
  • Every day will take place in a compressed six-hour action window, from 11 UTC -6 (CT) to 17 UTC -6 (CT), on this Wednesday and Friday. All actions must take place within that window, and will not be processed outside it.
  • There is no mechanical distinction between night and day!
  • This phase will end after 3 days.

Survey Phase

  • Players will be asked to give feedback to the hosts privately through your playercard DM. Prompts will be provided by the hosts.
  • This has no set limit…and if you have something important to say but don’t want to wait until this phase, tell the hosts early!

Playercards and changes

  • Participants are significantly different from normal participants in other Forum DR games. Abilities and Stats have been broken up into Augmentations and Skills, reflecting a less mathy approach to handling actions.
    • Augmentations are technology grafted into the human body, allowing various effects which can range from boosts to physical abilities, tools to analyze and interact with the environment, and weird shit which is not dissimilar from magic. These more or less directly replace skills from previous Forum DR games, with the caveat that you can gain more augmentations during the game and there will exist methods to learning what augmentations other players have (for the most part).
    • When performing difficult actions, players may call for use of a Skill to enhance / enable the action taken. Physical and Mental skills are more specialized, making them stronger than General Counterparts. Physical Skills consider what it says on the tin. Mental Skills are a tad weirder. For example, you might use your Murder Plan skill to get some feedback from the hosts on the potential flaws of a provided murder plan. Additionally, having a skill may provide unusual feedback when performing actions.
    • Ultimate Abilities still exist. Abilities will exist in extremely limited quantities.
    • At Will/Daily/Chapter/Game denotes how often you may use an Ability/Augmentation/Ultimate. Passives will operate by their own timing as described in the text themselves.


  • A special Augmentation which allows players to interact with mechanical and electrical systems, providing simple commands, with the option to set triggers.
  • Most devices have their most lethal effects gated behind certain Clearance Levels. Clearance Level is not linearly increasing, but players with exceptionally high clearance will be told when they still pass the clearance. Clearance can potentially increase during the game when certain conditions are met, often related to traditionally evil aligned actions.
  • Everyone has one!


  • Unchanged. You got 5 slots and 1 hidden slot.

Joining the Game

  • To join the game, simply type /in in this thread.
  • If you have previously been inactive or otherwise problematic in a Danganronpa misc or similar, you may be WotM’d out at my discretion.
  • You may only join if you would be willing to consider killing people (in-game). If you want to play a pacifist, this is not the Misc for you.
  • After joining, you may private message me your preferences regarding character gender and appearance. If you do not, a gender and appearance will be assigned to you.
  • Alignments will be completely random, but there may be elements of non-randomness in role assignments.


  1. Silviu
  2. Brakuren
  3. Luka
  4. someone
  5. litten
  6. eliza
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NOTE: Nobody is going to die

Also since I can get away with it,
Would people be interested in me showing off the backstory system with some simple examples through the cards for this game


note: we promise this will still be fun and there’ll still be stuff to do even if it’s not going to be the actual game

in order for our Testing Data:tm: to be useful we will need you all to fuck around in the way that we know you like to do

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does this mean instead of ultimates people just have highly invasive probably illegal experimental surgery performed on them

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what of it

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isn’t “Danganronpa” without killing just an irc rp server with extra steps


It’s a mechanical test

h, have not the time

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(Assuming signups fill) is this taking place this wednesday and friday?

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Do I have to rp

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I saw the words fucj around

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finally, a game for me