Trust Fall [Experimental Turbo] - [1/9]

Welcome to Trust Fall (An Experimental Turbo)

Trust Fall Goes The Wrong Way GIF by ViralHog
Hosted By Marshal, on this account. Inspired by Trust Fall - MafiaWiki. AYAYA.

How does it work?


  • There is no elimination mechanic The only way for players to leave the game is to say “I trust [x]”, and for that player to say “I reciprocate [x]'s trust”. Both players will leave the game and have their alignment be revealed.
  • Mafia win by having all members leave the game. Town wins by having mafia outnumber them.
  • To deny a trust, a player must say “I do not reciprocate [x]'s trust”. All trust actions must be bolded.
  • Mafia can not Trust Fall each other. They are allowed to initiate one, but mafia may not reciprocate the others trust fall.
  • After 1 hour from game start, mafia will win if someone has not yet won


10 Vanilla Townies and 3 Mafia Goons For 13p
7 Vanilla Townies and 2 Mafia Goons For 9p

Signups (For 2021-12-17T23:00:00Z)

  1. Wazza
  2. Arctic
  3. Aelin
  4. Silviu
  5. GGhana
  6. Crichard
  7. Apprentice
  8. Atlas
  9. Bradland


  1. YBW

This will start at 6 EST 2021-12-17T23:00:00Z if we get enough players.

i’d join but i am leaving at exactly that time so


also what makes mafia just not want to accept the trustfall?

is there any upside for a mafia accepting???

the fact it progresses their wincon

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Ohhh, nevermind, I am stupid

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delay the game by a bit and I’ll join

/inhope it goes well!

also how are modkills handled

asking for a friend

im gonna just throw you in to a backup

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its not starting now if ur worried about it clashing with mu turbo

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also put me in

Wait fuck I just realized joining means I have to stay awake for three more hours

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I trust the duck
Peace was an option

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I probably just can the game and get mad at you (this is my plan in the case that mafia accept one of their owns trust falls)


start the game at like 4 EST and ill join
granted that’s only an away hour but

start the game at 4 EST and I’ll leave (get dunked on)

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do you want to stay awake for 3 more hours
you implied you didn’t