turbo 4


(taken from Mafia451)


  • day ends at deadline or once all players are voting (even if no one is at hammer)
  • Mafia decide who is exed if the vote is tied
  • votes do NOT lock at any point

set-up (5 players)
Town Vengeful x 3
Mafia Goon
Mafia Godfather

no nightkills

if the Godfather is exed D1 Mafia automatically loses
if the Goon is exed D1, they choose 1 townie to kill, and a different townie to reveal as town
if a Town Vengeful is exed D1, they choose a player to shoot (otherwise, they don’t get a vengeful shot)


day lasts 15 minutes (shorter if everyone votes)

I was gonna turbo but alright.


hdajkhdjakfb? ??

why cant we just
play a normal setup


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i dont think theres 5 people left but /in

oh god

I had an interesting setup idea that would be intriguing. Basic yet questionable.

we’re not getting 9 people at this hour

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  1. Zorvo
  2. Marshal
  3. Aelin

Idk I could probably harass someone to play.

you are right and I will stop complaining

But I won’t

you should complain about turbo 3
thats entirely valid to complain about


nya :3?


nya :3?


nya :3?



I’m tempted to join, but at this point, I feel like it’s too dangerous for me to join for the faction that I’m in

hold on let me ping in alphabet.

this isn’t extremely annoying or anything

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