Turbo ““Interest Check""

this isn’t really an interest check of more a 24h warning that im attempting to host this later

October 31st, 2022

Setup made by me because MU only had vig/joat/tracker/doc sole setups for the past year

1x Indecisive Doctor
1x 1-Shot Vig (its disabled in xylo i forgot its disabled in xylo)
6x Vanilla Town

1x Watcher
1x Goon

im just curious to see if this site would even fill a turbo beside a major event


signups will open between 4pm-6pm est, probably towards the earlier half, but if people for some reason want it towards the latter i could manage



sorry I can’t make this date


im planning to open signups at 4:15 pm est and will keep them open for thirty minutes unless filled before then

i am also changing the name because i made a mistake and its not remotely funny unless people know what im referring to