turbo no.2 dead ppl

actually nvm its gira

he’s doing the unprompted self meta “i’m obvious when i’m mafia” which just isn’t true and he loves pulling this as wolf

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doggy says hes in for the next round if we go agane

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every time i read their posts i oscilate between which one of them it is lol

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everyone is too wolfy

also why are people claiming tracks all that does is give wolves information

lol true

town knowing who didnt carry the kill is minimal compared to the possibility that you out yourself as vt

Part of me thinks kat knows better

katze NEEDS to die please please please please

oh are we flat out in a min/catbae tracker crossclaim?

ive got no idea what the fucks going on but i was thinking min could also be wolf because im like 40 posts behindlol

well if catbae is v it’s almost def katze/min

I think catbae’s “cc” of min is just mafia

wolves only need one ML since aelin is tunneling trochi (i guarantee she’s literally not reading the rest of the game) so gira can still be wolf

catbae would fakeclaim tracker here. min would not fakecalim tracker here

I agree. Aelin is probably the setup to lose the game

and I am the setup to lose @Chloe the game

i have ban powers


Troch just unvoted catbae wins cc prob


ybw might be wolf w/ that vote lol

YEPPPP min was tracker

aelin/Trochi/wolf f3
aelin misvotes
wolf wins