turbo no.2 dead ppl


hi nyarcy

I thought you were town and was doing an extended gambit to keep you alive tbh sorry it failed


the VC didnt change for like a solid 30 seconds lmao

sorry I thought gira actually had 10 votes

gut reaction is to townread the YBW post you were talking about but she’s struggling to make content and she wasn’t in the trust fall turbo

I also gut townread her saying she hard wolfread me and then I died bc i flat out believe it lol

I think for certain one in katgirl/catboi

I dont see this as ever v/v

last one idt its aelin or trochi leaves squid/min

mom they’re calling me names

probably but im actually not sure which one it is anymore

i dont think town katze would care about my reads

aelin trochi tunnel is annoying troch is being obv villager imho

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ty for reminding me to set up the seconds part of the timer, arctic

Yeah I agree I thought that post w/ “+ arctic legacy” was just so weird but if gira is wolf I think kat is town

lmao i didnt even realize that was an option
why dont we always have that

friggen thing still doesnt close on time but w/e i can manually

its not an option in base discourse

i found it as an add-on when looking at VC stuff

this is wolf right? :joy:

NOOO wrong emojey

good stuff