Umineko FM: Land of the Golden Witch - Thread 2 - Days 3-7

i like how when we start calling phraze and wind wolves she immediately says something partnery

among us

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[okay fair enough]

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VOTE: Ruby

[Good night.]

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Hammer was reached.

Final Vote Count

Ruby (10): min, Zorvo, Jackrito, Gyrlander, Achromatic, BradLand, Memes, GaulSoodman, Outedwolf, Rue
katze (2): nightingale, Phraze
Achromatic (2): sufdaddy, katze
guavagudetama (1): guavagudetama
Sadbi (1): Sadbi

Not Voting (3): Gorta, Ruby, WindwardAway

5 minutes for corrections.

@Ruby has been eliminated. They were:


@nightingale has died from poison. They were:

Night 3 begins and will end at 2022-08-23T18:00:00Z.

Deadline for night actions is 1 hour before SoD.

Actions are locked.

@GaulSoodman has been killed. They were:

@Phraze has been killed. They were:

Day 4 starts and will end at 2022-08-25T18:00:00Z unless majority is reached.

With 15 players alive, majority is 8.


I like actually recoiled at phrases rolecard

among us

The wise words of @GaulSoodman

Lim phraze (rip) and wind. If either flips w then speed run visor, guava and memes.

Visor might have poisoned night. If not visor than someone deeper

Thinks if they miscleared anyone it’s min.

TURBO katze if she’s alive after n4

Healed Zach daddy N1 & n3.

Don’t ever kill gorta (yell at GGhana if wrong)

Rue may be deep wolf but that depends how Memes flips. If memes w then rue V because raisens.

@bradland has to hard claim his role because of umineko 1 (host meta)

Also GGhana is hot bitch who is probs sipping espresso martini with tequila in dvc rn and I’m mad jel

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rip town leader :pensive:

VOTE: Memes

i worry memes’s been cleared too easily, when i read through thread, not even looking for his posts, he would randomly reply to stuff with awkward fluff questions that go nowhere. on d1 he just tunneled seth and refused to do anything else. think he could be a wolf.

gyrlander prob v

this has been Random Read With Sufdaddy

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I’m waiting for Brad to talk before I talk

LOL why tho

I’m not pulling an Arctic or Artete during Anni irt this.

Their words not mine.


im not entirely sure why umineko 1 is relevant (did he explain?) but i do agree that brad needs to open up with this asap

fwiw i vaguely agree with this but its definitely much more tinfoil than not

and probably this