Valorant FM Game Thread 2 (7/18) [Mafia wonnered]

thank you neon for confirmation earlier
that should be enough for a solid read on you and silvu
i appreciate it <3


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The wolfs gonna wolf

Why is thread dead.

Why is there no movement on the wagons.

Why are the wolves frozen and crying in chat.

It’s relatively normal.
I’m also not really voting much because I want to see what’s going on and where people’s heads are at as we approach EoD.

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neon you do know that responding to everything with tea sipping anime gifs isnt content right
like i get people just let you do that as scum on your home site or whatever but I can guarantee you it isnt helping you here

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The content is there. Just because I’m posting anime gifs doesn’t mean I’m a wolf.

cutting down the argument to “jaiden thinks im scum because of anime gifs” is so fucking absurd and I’m not sure how you can’t realise that as any alignment

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I’m hoping town has paid enough attention to find me yanno since I’ve been actively towning since day 1.

And I’ve outlined why.

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About the only argument anyone has had so far is she’s acting different.

That argument is kinda actually just ass.

Saying I have TMI would arguably be a better idea but even that is just not a great argument

engineer gaming

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Hello once again I enter the chat to say that I do not know what the hell to do

Blizer (1): Neon
ElizaThePsycho (1): Blizer

Not Voting (6): Silviu200530, Jaiden, Gorta, ElizaThePsycho, Kiiruma, eevee

Reminder EoD is at 2022-08-07T18:00:00Z

You know what it was literally useless to wait for this. Now or never.

VOTE: Jaiden

i concluded yesterday that this was probably the way this would go
you still have little to no reason to actually think I’m scum and your interactions EOD3 and with neon are strange to say the least.
Good luck, all
VOTE: Silviu

“Your interactions with neon were weird”
Doesn’t elaborate