I do suck at solving problems
I’m great at being a problem though!!!

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me when Rocco

Do not the :joy_cat:

I will also go ahead and warn you all that MiA is probably not running for at least a month or two, since I’m super busy IRL, especially with the holiday season, and also because I’m working on VLDRs for the main site.

I will be posting teasers as I make progress on the game, but only when I’ve actually hit milestones
For example, that last teaser was posted because I finished the baseline lore
Next one will probably be when I’ve set up the stat system and mechanics
Then roles
Then map
Then I’ll post a few more for ~funsies~

Signups will be opened once the game is ready to be hosted. I’d normally, for a game like this, want to open signups earlier, but I’d rather play it safe with typical FoL policy.


By the way, if anyone is ever interested in co-hosting, as that’s a requirement for games on these forums, let me know. You need to be good at writing flavor text! This is MANDATORY! It’s a roleplay game, you gotta understand the player and non-player characters, as well as certain principles of the world.


My text is always flavored. (Do not test this theory by eating your screen)

Sounds like a challenge.

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What will the co-host do? :wink:


(actually scratch that until I actually design my game :skull:)

yeah i’d advise you not overwhelm yourself with projects like me and also try to take on cohosting
Considering VLDR and the scope of it, it’s. A Lot

basically it’s just a required thing on these forums because there’s active action processing times

Why not just rope someone off-site to help do it

Impossible to cohost a VLDR on this site (no longer produced)

because I have no friends.

ahem. because pretty much everyone else I know is uh. from VLDR. and. yaknow.
also there’s certain things over here that I may or may not be borrowing from my VLDRverse over there so ahaha

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That seems like an antiproblem

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Hey, just a heads up, y’all. I’ve been having a really rough mental health period. Life has been beating the shit out of me and my family, so this isn’t going to be happening for… a while. Lol. xd. I’m trying my best, I just haven’t been able to do any work on… anything, really.

I promise AYIN is not canned or anything! I am just not in a good spot to work on it, and haven’t been for a while, and probably won’t be for a while! Sorry. :(


it’s okay
good luck whever life may bring you

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