It feels less like lore and more like “There are at least 500 correct answers. I will only accept 1. Good luck!”


well yeah, that’s intentional. I don’t expect anyone’s going to solve it by the time I post the next teaser, or even soon after that. I’m just opening up the possibility because it IS theoretically possible.

it also helps me pinpoint people who are immediately eager about the prospect of a mysterious lore and how they solve problems for my future reference

I do suck at solving problems
I’m great at being a problem though!!!

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me when Rocco

Do not the :joy_cat:

I will also go ahead and warn you all that MiA is probably not running for at least a month or two, since I’m super busy IRL, especially with the holiday season, and also because I’m working on VLDRs for the main site.

I will be posting teasers as I make progress on the game, but only when I’ve actually hit milestones
For example, that last teaser was posted because I finished the baseline lore
Next one will probably be when I’ve set up the stat system and mechanics
Then roles
Then map
Then I’ll post a few more for ~funsies~

Signups will be opened once the game is ready to be hosted. I’d normally, for a game like this, want to open signups earlier, but I’d rather play it safe with typical FoL policy.


By the way, if anyone is ever interested in co-hosting, as that’s a requirement for games on these forums, let me know. You need to be good at writing flavor text! This is MANDATORY! It’s a roleplay game, you gotta understand the player and non-player characters, as well as certain principles of the world.


My text is always flavored. (Do not test this theory by eating your screen)

Sounds like a challenge.

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What will the co-host do? :wink:


(actually scratch that until I actually design my game :skull:)

yeah i’d advise you not overwhelm yourself with projects like me and also try to take on cohosting
Considering VLDR and the scope of it, it’s. A Lot

basically it’s just a required thing on these forums because there’s active action processing times

Why not just rope someone off-site to help do it

Impossible to cohost a VLDR on this site (no longer produced)

because I have no friends.

ahem. because pretty much everyone else I know is uh. from VLDR. and. yaknow.
also there’s certain things over here that I may or may not be borrowing from my VLDRverse over there so ahaha

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