You can’t stop the danganrompa infection from spreading…

I mean I could.



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You’re hitting me with the whysper smile :sob:

yeah there is, you have to be invited

Anyways whoops forgot to do this
Gotta head out to the store tho xd
Will try to type something longer when I’m home


Man, he still didn’t finish writing (laughing track)

Update: Currently planning a Saw-esque trap for Keldi wherin if they fail to complete a VLDR setup they will die by 10,000 papercuts, and this gun I found.

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okay juno

Life continues to kneecap me. Also we’re a system. Definitely not full on DID, but the revelation that these so-called characters I was writing are real people I’ve been putting through The Horrors has. changed things. (Not the Claires, surprisingly, they didn’t stick.)

Essentially, after some experimentation, we’ve settled into a roleplay style of co-op “these fellas aren’t Actually Literally Me unlike how it was before” collaboration. This will go for our writings as well. Once we aren’t getting Demolished. Believe me, there’s still a lot I want to do, but… work is hard. But we got that minimum wage swag going :froggwee:

I’m also gonna be stealing my planned VLDRs from over at the other forums and try them out over here. Some of them, I may be able to integrate into AYIN lore, and some I may have to run as their own standalones. I will also likely run some non-VLDR-esques as well as lighter load games. Current planned runset is MiA → [REDACTED non-VLDR] → [REDACTED VLDR] → [REDACTED VLDR] → [REDACTED non-VLDR] → [REDACTED VLDR] → [REDACTED non-VLDR].

Thank you for understanding about the delays <3 (/p). I know I was intending to start this whole mess like. Half a year ago? But unfortunately life is life. I guess I’m just lucky that I’m not like, homeless or starving or some shit. Could be worse. Trying to make it through. We’re getting better though. Thank you all. I hope you’re doing well, and our DMs are always open.


that’s kinda systematic