Wavelength 2: Plagiarism Edition - Team ??? wins!

presented by sulit May, plagiarising this OP

What is Wavelength?
Having first appeared on this forum as an event in the wonderous game of FAM3, Wavelength is a game in which teams of players attempt to guess a number from 1 to 21 based on a word or phrase a team member gives them given a category.

For Example!
We have a team of four: Annie, Arnold, Alex, and Anna. Anna is the Psychic this round, which means she is the one that will think of a word. Anna is given the category Hot to Cold. Anna is told that the number is 16. Anna tells her team “living in Alaska” because that seems pretty cold, but not to the extreme (do not reply to this and argue with me). Her team then has to try and guess a number from 1 to 21 given her hint, and get as close to 16 as possible.

How do I win, sulit May?

Whoever gets the most points after all players have been the Psychic wins!

Points are based on how close your team guesses to the correct number. If your team gets the exact number, you get 4 points. 1 away is 3 points, 2 away is 2 points.

But there’s more! The other teams can get points by guessing if the correct number is higher, lower, or the same as other team’s guessed numbers. If they are correct, they gain 1 point per team they were correct on.

Phase Lengths and More Instructions

  • There will be two phases during the game:

  • Guessing Phase is when the team’s Psychic recieves their category, chooses their word, and then their team submits a guess.

  • Higher or Lower Phase is when other teams guess at whether the actual number is higher or lower than other team’s guesses.

  • Both phases will last 24 hours

  • If all teams are finished before the 24 hours and wish to skip the phase, then, if all teams vote to skip, the phase will end.

  • DO NOT attempt to make stupid words or phrases that obviously hint at the number you’re trying to get your team to guess like “a pillow thats about 17/21 soft”

  • Team discussion will be held and categories/numbers/words will be given in forum DMs

  • Categories will be randomly chosen from a pre-made list of categories

  • Phases will start/end at 7 PM EST

  • To join the game you must find a team of four, or I can place you in a “looking for team” category. (You can come up with a team name if you want that’d be funny)


  1. The: @IcetFeelsPain, @eaves, @childe, @Luka
  2. Team ???: @Marshal, @sulit, @Chloe, @katze
  3. bricking on turn 3: @Marluxion, @YouButWorse, @ElizaThePsycho, @Kanave
  4. you choose: @Arctic, @sevenseas, @catbae, @annika
  5. shrimp coffee: @Ren, @dyachei, @PawnLelouch, @Myrddin
  6. Team Mass Genocide is NOT cool: @Arete, @pandora, @Marluna, @Achromatic
  7. The Team: @benguinedparbecue, @Ash, @thepigeonnyc, @iamagummybear

Looking for a Team

  1. @Hehehaha420blazing

well isn’t that just jepordy

@marluxion @YoubutWorse @ruby

bricking on turn 3? pt 2? this time with 4 team members?

gouda cheese


hella down

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we can’t bring back the og lineup for gay space animals


idr my last team but we can run it back if they want i guess

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I won’t and haven’t read OP
@me if you need a +1


i would look for a team but i still have nightmares about that word match game

we could bring the team back and finally play by golf rules

Likely go with no sorry
Not joining anything atm


@Marshal @Chloe @katze



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i forgot it was called the gay space animals



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ok i will be the anchor while you carry

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Will team up with anyone who doesn’t have lego as an answer in their history.



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@Luka @Bionic do you want to be a team