Word Match 2 - Team 🏺 is Victorious!

Welcome to: VERY SIMPLE LOW-EFFORT WORD-MATCH MISC (With Partners) 2 (the second version)

Created by @Marshal. OP stolen from @Marshal .

How this works:

  • The game itself is pretty simple. 2 people are given different words to start. After you say your words, you both try to say another word that relates to both of the words you just said at the same time. Then, you both try to say a word that relates to the two new words you said. Repeat this process until you say the same thing.
  • Example round
Round Player 1 Word Player 2 Word
1 Tree Cat
2 Nature Moderators
3 Homosexuality Human
4 Chloe Chloe
  • These players were trying to say a word that relates to the two words they are given. In round 2, for example, Player 1 chose “nature” as trees and cats can be both found in nature, and Player 2 said “Moderators” because 2 FoL moderaters are commonly represented by trees and cats. In this match, this pairing would have won by round 4, both saying “Chloe” as a word that relates to “Homosexuality” and “Human”, both finding this relation from Chloe being a human who commonly states her homosexuality through statements such as “i’m gay”.

How it will be adapted to forums

  • You and your partner will be given a random word pair using https://randomwordgenerator.com. This is to prevent metagaming or the random words you choose being the same.
  • Instead of saying it at the same time, as that’s not feasible, you and your partner will both have a private message in which you will say and be given your words. You will both say a random word to give the original word pairing.
  • There will be multiple teams of 2 running/competing at the same time. After 23 hours, the pairings that took the largest number of rounds to get to their word will be eliminated. (I have added a 1-hour processing break between rounds).
  • The number of teams eliminated each round will be calculated with the formula [number of teams remaining]/4, rounded to the nearest whole number. For example, if there are 13 pairings left, the formula would be 13/4 = 3.25, rounded to 3, meaning the 3 worst-performing teams would be eliminated that round.
  • After every round, every pairings results will be posted in a table like the example one. In the case of ties, the winning team will be the one who performed better the previous round. If they were the same, then the round before that. if there are not enough previous rounds to determine that, a special tiebreaker round will be held just for those teams to determine who remains.
  • I reserve the right to WotM out specific starting word combinations that would break the game in an un-fun manner.


  • Talking in thread to discuss the hilarious word parings will be allowed, but strategizing or trying to signal to your teammate will not be allowed. Speaking of this, Please don’t communicate in any way with your partner about your choices in ongoing rounds. Even jokingly. That ruins the spirit of the game.
  • You can not attempt to game the system in any way by going against the spirit of the game or the rules by trying to metagame by repeating words or keeping some kind of pattern across rounds (such as saying numbers every round and then making your next word always the next highest number). Any attempts to go against the spirit of the game will be banned and I will make you submit a new word. If I rule you have to resubmit because it’s in some way meta-gamey, the ruling is final and I won’t take arguments. Please don’t try to bend the rules to your advantage, just don’t. I reserve the right to flat-out remove you from the game if you do.

To Join:

/in with a partner or by yourself. If it’s with a partner, they must confirm. If it’s by yourself, i’ll put you in “looking for partner”. If at the end there are multiple people in “looking for partner” who want to play but haven’t chosen, they’ll be RNG’d together. There is no cap on players/teams this game.

Sign-ups will be open until 2022-10-23T00:00:00Z. The game will start at 2022-10-23T01:00:00Z.


  1. Chloe and Hally
  2. Squirrel2412 and beancat
  3. iaafr and Illwei
  4. Mistyx and Trochilidae
  5. JakeTheWolfie and Magnus
  6. nutella and Sadbi
  7. Vulgard and katze
  8. Marluxion and YouButWorse
  9. Amelia and Corn
  10. Silviu200530 and ElizaThePsycho
  11. thepigeonnyc and epitau
  12. Arctic and Marluna

Looking for Partner



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Phase 2 reveal
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Phase 4 reveal
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Phase 6 reveal
Phase 7 reveal


btw I’m still looking for a cohost


I’ll join if someone wants to partner.

Oh thank god arete and vul can’t win again


might be looking for a partner, unsure



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i need someone who thinks like me (not litten)

actually me and litten weren’t terrible last time but i’m still holding this against him


/in as LfP

Qualifications for being my partner:

  • None
  • Stop Reading
  • There’s No Qualifications
  • This is just a bit
  • Furry

In with @Hally


a funny suggestion that would almost undoubtedly end terribly (but would at least provide some ephemeral comedy) would be for the hosts to pick every pair based on their perception of who they think would work best together

i only bothered writing this because out of everyone signed up so far no one actually has a partner- oh okay never mind

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What does this mean?

I’d be down for that suggestion.

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I assume “looking for partner”

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If no one else volunteers to cohost, I can. But I can only start helping Sunday night. So ideally someone else can help because that 1st round at the very start will be the busiest.

I could maybe cohost the first round since it’ll be on the weekend, but can’t actively host the rest due to work obligations. So maybe that works out?

@Keldi what’s your timezone

They are Pacific.

BTW I’m Central now since moving to the US.

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