Worst Role Tournament Discussion Thread

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Bro where is Town Twilight Extender

some are pushed back to round 2 i believe

Also, I think that two roles competing in round 1 are the worst and second worst. How could you do this to me, geyde?

Damn there are so many terrible roles


It got pushed to next round

Honestly I don’t know what to pick

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Also, what if I think two roles should go into the next round?

Pretty much everything here is dogshit minus the 3-shot JK


There’s going to be bloodshed regardless
Two go in, only one will leave unscathed

Yea, but like if the true worst and true second worst go against one another, then the second worst won’t be the true second worst

Something like that, ye
This is more fun than objective

smh my head I didn’t know this was going to be a bastard tournament
Not happy >:(

Dam geyde u actually found the arya role good job. I was having a hard time finding it

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I used the GI thread to find it

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Sadly I couldn’t find OG Alch / OG Reaper

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oh yeah N1 just dumped them there didn’t he

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