Zelda Mafia - Signups (10/10)

Zelda Mafia

Written and hosted by @Ash

Hosted on @TheGoddess


Welcome to Hyrule!
Or, at least, what remains of it.

(Ignore the Koroks; I couldn’t find a good map before I got everything set up, and those don’t exist in this time frame.)

Starting Setup

If you’re town, your goal is to defeat all the mafia. If you’re mafia, your goal is to reach parity. There are no 3Ps.

Everyone starts with 3 Hearts. If you run out of Hearts, you die. Town members will start with 5 Stamina, and mafia members will start with 6 Stamina.

All players will start at the Revival Spring, marked as R on the map.


Turns are basically phases: you have until the end of the turn to determine what actions you want to take.

At the start of each turn, town members will regenerate 5 Stamina, and mafia members will regenerate 6 Stamina. This regeneration is capped at your maximum Stamina capacity: town members can hold up to 8 Stamina while mafia members can hold up to 10 Stamina.

Every turn, you may use Stamina to do as many of the following actions as you want/can:

  • Move to an adjacent tile.
    • Stamina Cost: The absolute difference between the tiles’ elevation, plus 1. For example, going from 3 elevation to 2 elevation costs |2 - 3| + 1 = 2 Stamina.
    • Maximum Uses per Turn: No maximum
  • Write and leave a note on the tile you stand on.
    • Stamina Cost: 2 Stamina
    • Maximum Uses per Turn: 1
  • Heal 1 Heart.
    • Stamina Cost: 4 Stamina
    • Maximum Uses per Turn: 1
    • You cannot heal above your maximum Heart capacity. This starts at 3 Hearts for all players.
  • Use your Action.
  • Use a Unique Action (see Unique Actions for details).
  • If applicable, use a Specific Tile (see Specific Tiles for details).
  • Cache your Stamina for the next turn.
    • You cannot cache Stamina above your maximum Stamina capacity.

At the start of each turn, if you are within one tile of another player, you will be put in a Proximity Chat with that player. If you land on the same tile as another player, you both will be informed as such; you will not get this information again if you both stay still.

Unique Actions

Using your current equipment and abilities, you may propose doing something that could reasonably be performed; this is called a Unique Action. If it falls within the game’s rules, and I give the thumbs up, you’ll get a Minimum Dice Roll (MDR). If you roll at least that number on a D20, your Unique Action will succeed; if it falls under that number, it will fail while still consuming Stamina.

If you roll a 1, you will suffer additional consequences on top of consuming Stamina. This is called a Catastrophic Roll.

There will likely be banding to this rather than simple succeed-fail states, and there may be additional costs on top of the Stamina consumption, but it depends on the Unique Action. You will be informed of all potential benefits and risks ahead of time.

To ensure that I’m not scrambling last-minute to evaluate Unique Action ideas, you cannot submit a Unique Action idea less than two hours before phase change. That said, you can use a previously established Unique Action: this time restriction only applies to new Unique Action ideas.

You may use multiple Unique Actions within a turn.

Creativity is highly encouraged in this game, and I will likely be fairly lenient on what flies.

Specific Tiles

Shrines of Eternity

There are four Shrines on the map, marked with Ss on the map. If you are on the same tile as a Shrine, and the Shrine is unused, you may use it by spending 6 Stamina. By using a Shrine, you are able to either increase your maximum number of hearts by 2 or increase your maximum Stamina capacity by 3.

Once a Shrine has been used, no one else can use it. This will be announced to all players. If several players attempt to enter the Shrine on the same turn, I will randomly choose which one successfully uses it.

The Tower

If you are on the Tower tile (marked with a T on the map), and no other town member is on top of the Tower, you may climb up by spending 8 Stamina. You’ll be informed whether a town member is on top of the Tower when you land on the tile, though mafia members can climb up even when someone is already there.

Once on top of the Tower, as many times as you like, you may spend 3 Stamina to find the current location of a person on the map.

It will cost you 8 Stamina to climb down from the Tower. You cannot be in a Proximity Chat with anyone from atop the Tower, and any notes written while atop the Tower can only be read by someone on top of the Tower.

Item Spaces

There are three Item Spaces on the map. I won’t comment on where they are, but you can probably take an educated guess.

Item Spaces contain an Item from before the Demise. The first person to arrive on an Item Space will claim that Item. Once an Item has been claimed, all players will be notified that the Item Space has been claimed, but they will not be informed of who claimed the Item or what the Item itself is; that knowledge is reserved only for the player who claims the Item Space.

You cannot be in a Proximity Chat while on an Item Space.

Death and Vengeance

At the beginning of each turn, any deaths will be announced publicly, but the location of the corpse and the person’s flipped role will not be announced until the start of the next turn.

The location of the person’s corpse will be shown on the map. If the corpse cannot be shown on the map at the start of the turn after their death, you will not be told the corpse’s location, flip, or role.

Upon a player’s death, the first person to the tile where the player died has the option of taking any Items that player has, along with a 2x use of the person’s Action(s). This will not override their own Action. If a person dies to Malice, these abilities will instead pass to a random mafia member.

A player can summon an emergency trial if they end on the same tile as a dead body or by using their one-time emergency summons button. During an emergency trial, all players are put into the main thread (concurrent to their proximity/mafia chats) and can choose to vote someone out. A death via voting is treated as a death to Malice.

Emergency trials end after someone is voted out. They will time out and end either after sixteen hours or at the end of the turn, whichever would take longer.

Action Resolution

Action resolution this game is fairly loose.

All players will walk concurrently, and actions are segmented based on their position to said concurrent walking. The idea is to allow for leeway in action resolution in the event of Unique Actions.

Say that the following set of actions occur:

  • Arete heals 1 Heart, then moves to an adjacent tile.
  • Katze moves to an adjacent tile, leaves a note, moves to an adjacent tile again, and uses their Action.
  • Chloe moves three tiles away, then uses their Action.

The order of actions will be:

  • Arete heals 1 Heart.
  • Arete, Katze, and Chloe move.
  • Katze leaves a note, and Chloe uses their Action (if they affect each other, this will be resolved however makes sense to me flavor-wise).
  • Katze moves.
  • Katze uses their Action.

The only ability exempt from regular action resolution is mafia’s kill, which will occur as soon as they use it (or, more practically, as soon as I’m online to do it).

If you have a question about how your action or any hypothetical actions would function, feel free to ask.


Whoever has the most votes at the end of the Trial will be eliminated. Hammer is at supermajority (⅔ of all living players, rounded up). Once the mafia make up ⅓ of all living players (rounded up), votes will be locked.

All votes must be in the form of [vote]player[/vote] or [v]player[/v] to be counted. Unvotes should be formatted as [unvote][/unvote] . To guarantee that the votecount bot counts your vote correctly, it is best to type the player’s full username; however, shortened names may still work.

You may self-vote. Along with this, no-elimination is a valid vote. In cases where no-elim and another vote are tied at the end of the day, no-elim will have priority in the rand.

Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.

Any votes made after the close of the Emergency Trial will not count, so be vigilant.

Phases And Timing

Turns will last for 24 hours.

All phase changes will happen at 22:00 EST unless something happens on my end. You all will be notified if something happens on my end.

Unique Action ideas are due by 20:00 EST, though this is flexible depending on the situation.


If you need more specific versions than these, or if you want larger images, just let me know. Use the blank map to submit movement during the game.


  1. @/Bionic
  2. @/Someone
  3. @/Hippopablompoyeetus
  4. @/Marluna
  5. @/Brakuren
  6. @/Kiiruma
  7. @/Atlas
  8. @/Zone_Q11
  9. @/May
  10. @/Tutuu

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This was actually the inspiration for the mechanic.


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Unfortunately, Arete played the original version I ran on QBCord, so they’re probably not allowed.

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