Zone's Testament - Mafia Victory

Oop fuck forgot to move her name lol I finished writing this up before N1 then just added executed to her name then just added Tutuu before sending this, will fix that now. Thanks!

i have not lost all faith in town but im not going to heavily sheep people when d1 we quickhammered someone before i even had the chance to come back from work and give my opinions on the wagons lol

like you guys can say what you want but thats simply my take tbh

guess im going back to looking at my townreads and making a poe instead of being lazy tho

this is such a random opener to make if joycat’s mafia tho

i guess like you can argue joycat being goofy but like. when i think abt their slot with “what alignment are they” i just believe their town

i dont understand why theyre being wagoned and why everyone wants them dead bc everyone is just blindly sheeping eachother

kiiruma seems frozen af

i dont wanna scumread them for it though bc i feel like this is normal. who knows

unordered in tiers




rose - not interested in killing above this slot and tbh rose is gth town anyway


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someone remind me to iso joycat cause realistically i could be conf biased bc im thinking more now like. am i really this confident? i just feel like they’re towny lol and nobody is really flat out convincing me not to

those are my null reads

also @PrincessAbigail why is Rose town?


Don’t think they kill otter

That’s why I have them as town

VOTE: kii

Ok I’m lil confused why you used defend over towncore

If 66% town, then there’s 2 town members and 1 wolf.
Isn’t that a perfect final 3?
Or in 5 having the full group and 2 others (Potentially the other mafia member) to where the good players in the trio, if voting exclusively outside of the trio, have a 50/50 at ending the game early?

You’re probably towny for it because I feel like as a wolf you’d be realising the fact that you shouldn’t be sheeping the reads of else it can track back to you and make you look bad. Whereas, if you’re town you don’t exactly care how it’d look

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I feel like I’m most looking within Rhea and Jail atm.

Joycat is town-ish
Leafia is towny
tutuu is doing things which don’t benefit the wolf team
Rose seems fine, I don’t have a strong read on the slot but it’s not quite PoE for me atm

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If the people I’m sheeping are wrong, and my choice of sheeping those reads is also wrong, and people also wrongly chop me afterwards - that’s a triple collective misplay on the entire town, so I’m not too concerned, it’s a team effort and if I’d lose like that we’d be losing as a team together

What’s your current read on Tutuu Jail?

Seems like way more than that to me and it started before your 6 month hiatus I think.

It probably helped them leave you alone.

How is Ice townie?

Kiiruma, why do you find my villagery? You have a habit of misreading me so having you townread me this game seems strange and is giving me the heebie jeebies. It’s reminding me of how Abi did the same thing last game as a wolf.

Going to head off for RL reasons for now too. :sleepingleafeon:


Your so town it hurts me