Zone's Testament - Mafia Victory

Zone’s Testament

Hosted by @Zone_Q11
Reviewed by @ElizaThePsycho

Rules and Rules and Extra Rules

Extra Rules

In the name of perserving integrity (and only in the name of perserving integrity), rules can be added, removed, and modified at the host’s will.


  • 9 vt; 2 goon
  • day → 48 hrs
  • night → 24 hrs
  • mafia communicate in discord
  • maf kills → mandatory
  • action deadline → sod minus 2 hrs
  • majority + plurality
  • no-exe → invalid
  • tie → rand in tie
  • xylo → votes locked



execute all goon


reach parity


  1. @tutuu
  2. @otterpopd
  3. @Leafia
  4. @jail
  5. @joycat
  6. @PrettyPrincess
  7. @Rhea
  8. @RoseRedWitch
  9. @IcetFeelsPain
  10. @Kiiruma
  11. @PrincessAbigail


  1. @/Millium
  2. @/Kanave

There is no spectator chat for this game.

The game starts at 2023-11-17T22:00:00Z

Unfortunately ElizaThePsycho cannot play this game as she is the backup host.

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Game start

EOD1 is at 2023-11-19T22:00:00Z


Hey everyone, I may be inactive at some times because of having to deal with OP reading stuff or smth, but just some information I’d like to lay out right now:

  • Mafia has like 6 members,
  • They may have a poisoner.
  • They do not have any strongman abilities
  • I’m extremely sure Cult is confirmed to exist
  • And said cult has a factional like the Mafia
  • And… They might not be able to lose?
  • So basically you all are screwed unless you make 0 mistakes.

I will execute all goon


wassup thread

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VOTE: tutuu

if there wasn’t a swan emoji i’d call you out for impersonating me tbhthbthbthbthbthtbh



are you goon

NO i forgot to sign my post
policy limmed


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I would be executing myself then

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are you a hydra :wowee:


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obviously not
what would suggest that


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I don’t know which head to trust

me obviously


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i mean. i’m the only head here so of course you have to trust me