A Certain Scientific Railgun Mafia Role PM - Hippopablompoyeetus

Welcome to A Certain Scientific Railgun Mafia, Hippopablompoyeetus! You are Haruue Erii.

Role: Town Sister-in-Arms
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Height: 153 cm
Esper Power Level: 2

You are a level 2 esper and a Child Error - a student who was orphaned in Academy City, and made to enter the city’s orphanage system. You’ve recently transferred to the same school as Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari, and you quickly became fast friends with them - especially Uiharu, as you both have similar builds and personalities. You are a very meek but kind girl, who only wishes for everyone to get along.

Previously, you had an issue where undergoing emotional stress would cause an RSPK Syndrome, which would make your esper power, Telepath, go out of control. However, ever since reuniting with your childhood friend Edasaki Banri, these incidents have stopped occurring. Recently, you’ve moved in with her, and both of your telepathy abilities have proven to be very handy as you can both communicate whilst away from each other. You don’t know what’s going on in the city at present, but you just hope that you can enjoy a normal school like with Banri, Uiharu, and Saten.

Telepath (passive)
- At the beginning of the game, you may pick a player on the replacement list or a player from outside the game. That player will be removed from the replacement list, if they were on it, and will be allowed to communicate with you for the rest of the game through a private chat.

Win Condition: Eliminate all threats.

Please confirm by replying to this PM and by sending me the name of a player you would like to communicate with. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

lol thats a funny role

ill probably bring in someone on replacement or who was in signups thread so they arent like wtf

I think mafia is probably whysper/atlas/isolde right now but have to see

Arctic would be funny actually

Yeah I will choose arctic please

I’ll invite him to this role card.

If he declines, you’ll have to pick someone else to communicate with.

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both of you may communicate in any form you wish

my only request is that if it’s through discord that I be invited to the chat

otherwise, go ham

(also arctic cannot post in the game thread)

i knew i couldn’t escape this game

i expect you to not listen to any of my reads whatsoever

the annoying thing is i don’t want to tryhard since i can’t even talk in the thread but i’m still going to end up trying


Carry me

together we can probably get a good solve

i think people listening to us is probably the issue

eli is a villager and probably correct on lukundo since he’s awkward asf

that’s basically it so far

will bbl

Yeah i thought so too

Atlas reaction to it looked bad to me too

“So you think he is NK?”. Weird response for a towny to have upon seeing a vote

thought this would be painful but you’re doing basically what i would do anyway

people talking about 3p are >rand wolf and zone is asking a lot of useless questions so the vote there is good

lol’s vote on us is ~fine, you did jump to make reads p quickly

i think zone has fallen into the trap of trying to look productive early and assert control but actually just talking a load of crap

Yeah i like lol, their vote on me follows towny logic

wind kind of underwhelming but she isn’t obviously mafia yet and probably will be by the end of today if she is a wolf

Yeah i kinda want to d1 vote someone who is scummy but also annoying cuz theres quite a few aggravating ppl like that here where if they all endgame town wont win

So even if wind acts scummy i dont wanna kill them today lol