A Certain Scientific Railgun Mafia - Signups (16/16)

A Certain Scientific Railgun Mafia

Welcome to A Certain Scientific Railgun Mafia, a closed special setup for 16 players.

Reviewer: @Osieorb18
Co-host: @Tsumugi


  1. You may trust all information the moderator gives you. There will be zero bastard modding or false information.

  2. Do not lie about real-life commitments. Similarly, do not question the validity of other players’ real-life commitments. If you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time, inform the game host and I will do my best to replace you.

  3. Mafia is a game about making arguments, but it is not a roleplaying game. Don’t go overboard. Lies are part of the game. Attacking someone’s credibility is part of the game. Do not overdo it. Everyone signed up to have fun, so keep the game fun.

  4. Mafia is a game of analysis - removing a player’s ability to analyze things is against the spirit of the game. Keep references that only a handful of players would understand to a minimum. Encoded messages, hidden text, and other such methods are a no-no. Everything you have to say or not say should be clearly readable in your post by anyone.

  5. Respect your fellow players, and their time. Don’t be a jerk. Do not threaten to or actually get intentionally modkilled. Do not directly insult your fellow players - attack their play, but not them as a person. Mafia is a social game, and you are playing with real people, not just names on a screen. Respect other players’ right to a good game. Give the game your best effort, no matter which team you’re on. Mafia games require a time investment, and if you sign up, you’re committing to spending that time and doing your part to contribute to a good game.

  6. Do not edit your posts except to edit minor spelling/formatting mistakes. Do not edit any messages in private chats you may be posting in. Do not quote information directly from your role PM. Only living players may post in the game thread. Do not post in the game thread during the Night phase.

  7. You may not privately communicate with anyone except the game moderator unless you’re specifically allowed to do so. This includes using systems outside the scope of the game to communicate something game-related. Any game-related questions should be asked via Discord or PM.

  8. Do not use out-of-game information (such as Discord status/usage, other forum activity, other mafia activity, or real-life activity) to generate reads. Do not use out-of-game information to exert pressure or influence on this game. Do not mention out of game information in the context of explaining or speculating on a player’s alignment in this game.

  9. Executions are majority and plurality. My/lylo (mis-execute and lose, execute and lose) will be announced at endgame, and votes will be locked then.

  10. If you EVER have questions about the game, PM me or reach out via Discord (Prophylaxis#0650). I love having more ways to procrastinate, and caring to your every whim is one of my favorites. If you are confused, curious, or unsure about anything ever, let me know before doing anything. I will not respond to questions in the main thread unless I feel that it is necessary.

  11. The Global Rules and Forum Game Rules apply.

  12. Good luck, and have fun! This is not optional.

Game Info:

  1. This game will have 48-hour Day phases unless majority is reached early and 24-hour Night phases.

  2. This game will be of medium-to-high complexity and of medium power level.

  3. No-execute is a valid vote, and may be hammered to end the day early. In cases where no-execute and another vote are tied at the end of the day, no-execute will have priority in the rand. In all other cases of a tie, the execution will be determined at random from among the tied players.

  4. Self-votes are considered valid votes.

  5. Make at least 15 game-related posts each day (unless day ends early). If you fail to meet this requirement, you might get replaced. For 0 posting in full game day I will force replace you without any questions.

  6. Flavor/role claims are allowed at your own risk. Do not quote information directly from your role PM. Flavor isn’t alignment indicative, but might be role indicative for some roles while being misleading or not role indicative for others. A player’s role PM will be revealed on flip.


When referring to your role PM, you may directly quote your character’s name, your role title, the names of your abilities, and any parameters they should have. For the effects of your abilities, you should paraphrase; when referring to your flavor, you should summarize. If the flavor is “You are a happy red dog,” don’t tell people it’s “I’m a content crimson canine.” Summarize. Say “I’m a dog.”

Please PM me if you have any questions about claiming.

  1. Deadline for submitting actions is one hour before the end of the phase (whether day or night).

  2. Players will receive action feedback as “Your action was successful” or “Your action failed”.

Ability Rules:

  1. Each ability has parameters that follow its name. These indicate whether it is active or passive, when it can be used and whether it is repeatable. Passives are always “on”. X-shot abilities can only be used X times. Whenever a player with an X-shot ability uses that ability and fails, that shot will be returned to them.

  2. Unless otherwise noted, a player can only perform one action classified as “active” during each day/night cycle. If Jimmy has 1 active day ability and 2 active night abilities, he can perform his day ability every day phase (as long as he meets its requirements) but he can only choose one of his night abilities to perform each night phase.

  3. Day actions may be performed at any time as long as the player meets the requirements to use the ability, and as many times as the player is able to pay for. Day abilities resolve instantly and thus cannot be roleblocked or otherwise interfered with.

Win Conditions:
The town win condition is: Eliminate all threats.
The mafia win condition is: You win when your team controls the execution, or when such control is inevitable.


  1. eevee
  2. Atlas
  3. Gorta
  4. Kiiruma
  5. EliThePsycho
  6. lol
  7. Hippopablompoyeetus
  8. Zone_Q11
  9. Isolde
  10. JakeTheWolfe
  11. WindwardAway
  12. Whysper
  13. Helz
  14. TheLukundo
  15. BioHazard
  16. ReveredHeroOfFoL


  1. Arete
  2. Mistyx
  3. GGhana
  4. Chloe
  5. Kit


  1. Kanave (informed)
  2. Marshal (uninformed)
  3. TheBlueElixir (uninformed)
  4. Arctic (uninformed)
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Signup Thread Flavor

Far away from the City of Science, Academy City has been making enemies and has allowed the sides in war to be drawn. Academy City has officially allied themselves with the Church of England, while the Roman Catholic Church and the powerful God’s Right Seat has allied themselves with the Russian Orthodox Church.

Busy with the preparations for war after the events of the 0930 Incident, Academy City has strengthened their defenses against outside forces, but the defenses within the city have been considerably weakened as a result. Because of this, a few organizations that up until that point worked for Academy City have broken free from their handlers, and have started their plans of rebellion against the city.

With the Dark Side of Academy City mobilizing, the shadowy Board of Directors have also started to retaliate and make their move. They have manipulated a couple of select individuals into doing their bidding for them, offering incentives or making threats in order to advance their goals and blunt the wider dark side from encroaching all across the city.

While these underhanded dealings are taking place all throughout the city’s shadows, many of Academy City’s ordinary citizens have found themselves caught in the crossfire. It is up to them to figure out who the traitors are in their midst so that Academy City can see brighter days yet again.

Welcome to the signup thread for A Certain Scientific Railgun Mafia.

To join, type /in
To replace, type /replace
To spectate, type /uninformed spec or /informed spec

Please be aware that joining the game will require a commitment to post at least ten to fifteen times a day for several weeks. Absences longer than that should be cleared with me in advance to avoid being replaced or modkilled (both of which are very disruptive to the game, and make it less fun for everyone involved). I take this commitment very seriously and I ask you to do the same: please do not join if you feel you will be unable to meet the above requirement.

This game features the following:

  • Flavor inspired by the popular anime series A Certain Scientific Railgun. This game will span all three seasons of the anime. Flavor knowledge will increase enjoyment of the game, but it is unlikely to provide a major strategic edge. This game’s flavor will unfortunately spoil some of the anime.
  • A fairly balanced, medium-to-high complexity setup with some wrinkles.
  • Built in protection against modgaming and early massclaims.
  • Very responsive mod times. I will provide vote counts regularly and respond to things quickly, or at least that’s the hope.



will potentially full in if it hasn’t filled once i’m less busy (read: once hydra 10er is over)


strongly considering but not commiting at the present time

I’ll join so you have no reason to commit

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if you join I will replace out despite having no intention of joining this game

I will join (playerlist dependent)

/replace out


A couple of things:

  • Signups will last for 48 hours or until the game is filled, whatever comes later.
  • If you wish to use an alt, please PM me with the identity of your main account.
  • This game will feature WotM. I reserve the right to prevent players from signing up at my discretion.

can you wotm me out

can’t wotm you out if you replace out

sign up purely because of addiction

fuck I’ve been foiled


I want back in

speaking of


can I still use meta reads this sounds like you can’t

you can use meta reads yes, I should probably reword that

i just don’t want you to like, use a discord status of a player as an indication as to whether they’re a wolf or not

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pretty sure it’s just standard ‘no ogi’
so you can use publicly available stuff from before the game started

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