Achromatic's Super Special Guide on how to Improve Play as ANY alignment.

Credentials: I skinned Marl once and made Katze look like a house cat. Ballin’

But the secret is Achromatic will only cover topics on request while matching the tone of the request…!


this is too much power

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got any minion tips

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how do i improve my 3p winrate
i keep rolling surv, claiming it, then getting exed


How do I commit win

While successfully hunt for hidden woofs

not Achro but you typically shouldn’t claim surv, as many players view it as anti-town. instead, claim a pro-town neutral such as “townsiding SK”


how do i put up with the skypiea arc of one piece

YES, I know Water 7 is right after and it’s really good
But skypiea is so boring

I don’t like games with this role, but if this happens to you I think it is important to understand your audience. Depending on who you play with how you play off your mastemind to successfully protect them. Generally it’s not a bad idea to be purposefully scummy in their service as it doesn’t really go against wincon as hard as regular scum.

Scum hunt while not being top of the class, is my suggestion. Just make it so its really obvious you aren’t part of the scum team and never give town a reason to want to kill you. Depending on your power set the mafia might just kill you but being lynched is a bigger threat. So just maybe slank a bit so scum don’t feel the need to kill you and go from there. I won as SK last year in a very big game following this method, along with being saved by town n1, so its a bit luck as well. But yeah never claim 3p, town like me will cruelly cut you down.

You just go for it. You look at a post and go ‘this is wolf’ and if you’re right yay if not note why not and try again. You just do.

Skypiea is hugely important to one piece present day and if you pay close attention to the arc you will be extremely rewarded.


thank you for this advice, i will never blink while eneru’s ear lobes are on the screen

When you catch up I will link you to some very epic and compelling theory videos.

One Piece is truly peak tbh

(also read the manga its better)

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what about town minions

i.e The VIP/King’s guards

i guess though they thought i was mafia because like, if every town could just make it really obvious theyre not mafia then the game would be easy

i rand 3p benign doctor survivor and i get executed on d2
tristan rands tag team serial killer and kills her teammate on n1 and she endgames and she never lets me live it down

Ask the host to not host anymore =)

Well in my case I stabbed two scum the first two days in such a brutal, dominant takedown that no one doubted I wasn’t bussing so uh fair enough on that.

Admittedly 3P roles are very dependent on luck, which is why I don’t really like them very much if I am being honest.


if you roll mafia with a survivor wincon is bussing your entire team recommended

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While making a blatant attempt to advertise for FIFA 2023, how do I resolve wanting to be townread as town with the mindset that “town players don’t care about being townread?”

My good sir,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. I have lately found myself troubled by a question of slight import, and I hope that you may be able to shed some light upon this matter. I know that my question is somewhat dissimilar to the questions that others have presented you with, so I hope that it will not be too much trouble to answer it.

I have often entertained myself by partaking in games of “Mafia,” and for a long time I have drawn amusement from such games. However, of late, I have found that such games have become more frustrating than rewarding. I often find myself looking at the prospect of reading through the latest developments and producing reports about my thoughts with dread rather than anticipation, and I frequently lament my foolishness in choosing to join such games at all. Furthermore, as much as it pains me to admit this, I have found that in such games, I frequently fail to live up to the standard of conduct and compassion that I normally aspire to hold myself to.

I am, of course, aware that the obvious solution is to simply abstain from games of mafia, and I have largely been doing so. Yet I cannot help but look at my former days of mafia-playing with fondness, and furthermore I have many friends with whom I would like to be able to play with once more. Do you have any advice on how to regain the joy I once took in this pastime?

Arete Starseeker


Ask the host to not host again =)

But also I think a slow burn bus would be in your best interest. I wouldn’t make it blatant say, day 1 or anything, but weave bussing into the play and hopefully make it to MYLO with one other wolf left and just throw them down the stairs while getting them to agree to vote town instead and hope for the best with using your knowledge to your advantage. Basically manipulate them where they think its all for scum but really you are going to win.

So play like I did in Umineko but without the survivor wincon being made up in my head yohoho

Dear Arete Starseeker,

We have enough kindling to last the upcoming winter, thank you for your donations through your letters.

Mik Asled, Ribo Clan Leader.