VOTE: Eevee

omgus on behalf of aelin bc eevee did a really bad sheep imo

Wait, is EOD in a minute?


Too bad
I already gave my reasons for it
I think her reasoning on Zorvo being aligned with me after Zorvo flipped and I was revealed as IC was poop

As in, it didn’t amount to anything

Um what.

Ehh… I’ll be fine. I’ll carry on Aelin’s legacy if they’re good.

twilight —

Things are being processed so expect the flip in 3 minutes

Aelin (5): Whysper, WindwardAway, eevee, Jarek, Movie_Joker
eevee (3): Magnus, Zone_Q11, Jaiden
Marluna (1): Frostwolf103
Jaiden (1): Gorta
nolynch (1): Marluna

Not Voting (4): Aelin, lol, Wazza, Atlas

Aelin, you are Celeste Starsong (Town)

Before she was taken over by Jain technology, Celeste was a fighter pilot with the Earth Interstellar Exploration Aviation Branch Division. In those days, the branch division was known as “the Pioneer Squadron.” As you can imagine, the Pioneer Squadrons were sent on dangerous missions into the farthest reaches of the galaxy. There were many stories of the brave men and women who flew these missions and never returned home from them.

But there’s only one person who really knows what it was like to fly in the Pioneer Squadron. And that’s Celeste herself. So why do I say that?

Because she wrote a diary entry about it.

Yes, you read that right. A diary. A personal account written by a member of the Pioneer Squadron about his or her experiences. If such things existed in our world, they would probably be considered valuable memoirs.

Celeste’s basic attack power is increased by 1%.
Basic attacks against other players deal a small amount of damage and create a temporary effect on the target.
The effects last until you cast another spell or take significant damage.
Celeste has access to a range of spells.
You have a pool of energy, which regenerates when you rest. It regenerates at an even rate over time.
Each day, you gain 5 experience points and 20 MP. If you don’t spend any of these within 24 hours, they disappear.
Every second night, you receive a random chance event.
You have a pool of mana, which regenerates when you rest.

Magic Missile -
Fireball (1) -
Arcane Bolt (3) -
Lightning Bolt (6) -
Divine Storm (8) -
Ice Wall (2) -
Storm Call (4) -
Holy Water (9) -
Mana Shield (13) -
Witch Bolt (19) -

God will bestow wishes once I’m back from my flight. Same for Boat of Horrors starting.

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Night is 48 hours long


reposting for visibility because I’m host


@Atlas perished in the Boat of Horrors

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Atlas, you are the Lich on the Throne (Town)

You approach the Throne Room. Upon opening the grand doors, you bear witness to a Lich, sitting atop the throne with an unsettling smile. What does he say to you?

“Welcome to my lair.” The lich’s voice is cold and distant. “I am Lord Gorgoth of Mournhold, and I will grant you your heart’s desire if you can answer this question: what is the name of the one who killed me?”

You Are A Wolf.
The world has ended. The humans have been slaughtered; the orcs have been enslaved. Now, you are alone, wandering the world, searching for anything at all…and hoping to find someone. You may freely target players who otherwise could not be targeted (this includes NPCs).
Deathrattle: Whenever you deal damage to a minion, it deals an additional 8 damage to a random enemy within 6 yards (minimum 4). At least 2 of these effects occur every 10 seconds.

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@Zone_Q11 perished in the Boat of Horrors

Zone, you are Robert Haydn (Town)

You’re also a Time Bandit

“The Ultimate Bullet”: Robert can fire bullets of his own personal bullet creation. The bullets can be made to do pretty much any kind of damage and are very accurate.

“Ultimate Efficacy”: This is the ultimate version of his ultimate ability. It makes his bullets even more powerful and gives them a tendency to aim for certain body parts.

Everyone else (@Jarek, @ElizaThePsycho, @Frostwolf103) escaped!

Nobody may post in the chat.