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Hosted and (will be) designed by @Geyde on @Emperor_Joker
Cohosted by @Trochilidae
Reviewed by @Mistyx and @Arete



  • Day phases will last 48 hours, or until curtailed by an execution.
  • The execution will be decided by means of Majority + Plurality. If a simple majority of all living players are voting for somebody, the day will end early and they will be executed. Otherwise, the player with the most votes will be executed at the end of the day.
  • If at the end of the day the votes are tied, something ridiculously stupid will happen.
  • Voting to execute nobody is a valid vote. If this vote reaches majority or has the plurality of votes, nobody will be executed.
  • Night phases will last 24 hours, however they may be shortened or extended slightly to keep EoD constant.
  • Days will begin and end at 10 AM PST unless otherwise stated.
  • The Mafia / Wolves / etc will communicate via a discord server, which will be publicised at the end of the game unless a member of the Mafia / Wolves / etc objects.
  • The Mafia / Wolves / etc have an assigned factional kill, use of which is not compulsive.


  • The setup, at this time, has not yet been designed .
  • When you sign up, please privately send the host up to 2 names. Please do not discuss these choices anywhere until the game begins.
  • Using those names, I will create the setup according to these parameters:
    • 1 - Literally the entire setup is based on what an AI determines each role to do. I will tinker with its suggestions after the fact as little as possible, only to the extent that the game can run, has reasonable player distribution among alignments, and not a ridiculous kp imbalance.
    • 2 - There will be no Among Us.

Example Rolecard


  1. Gorta
  2. Aelin Town - Executed D2
  3. eevee Town - Killed N3
  4. Magnus
  5. JaketheWolfie Atlas Town - Perished in the Boat of Horrors N2
  6. Zorvo Town - Died N1
  7. Jarek Town - Died N3
  8. Jaiden
  9. Frostwolf
  10. Zone_Q11 Town - Perished in the Boat of Horrors N2
  11. Whysper Town - Executed Day 3
  12. lol
  13. Marluna
  14. Wazza
  15. ElizathePsycho
  16. Windward
  17. Blizer Town Killed by an Angry Mob N3
  18. Train_Joker
  19. Batman_Joker
  20. Gamer_Joker
  21. KiteMan_Joker
  22. YouAreJoker
  23. Movie_Joker
  24. Drip_Joker
  25. Gold_Joker
  26. Kid_Named_Joker
  27. No_Joker
  28. AndhisnameisJoker
  29. God


  1. Arctic
  2. Iaafr


  1. Some Nerds

It is still night. Please do not post.

Thread Marks

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Each of you must decide whether @Gorta is a cultist or mafioso. Do so in your rolecards before Day 1 begins or the answer will be randomized.

(this post doubles as getting everyone else into the system for voting hence the gorta ping but that announcement was serious)

@God has entered the game. He is immune to any abilities and cannot be voted.

@Jenny has joined the game.

All post signup joins are NPCs. They may do absolutely nothing…but you can never know for sure. It is possible that they are Detroit: Becoming Human.

@Omori has entered the game. Omori is controlled by @Magnus.

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@Omori has ventured to HEADSPACE and has left this thread, removing them from the playerlist.

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Spoiling Omori and other such games this game is strictly prohibited. This isn’t a haha funny announcement. Don’t be a dick.


@Jenny is going to die before you get out of bed tomorrow.

Day 1 has started and will end at 2022-11-20T17:00:00Z. Majority is 9, since npcs do not count toward majority. Standard voting rules. Good luck!

Game just started and i have no clue to what the fuck is going on already


Haha yeah, not sure I should have chosen this as my first FM game back on FoL after a hiatus :ayaya:


d1 cit claim btw

my role made me laugh so I’m happy with it


i am a Town Citizen

Drip joker either is the most powerful of the joker npcs or the most based

No in between

The NPC’s are so fucking funny.

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