Assassin in the Palace - Game ends. The Assassin wins.

Welcome to Assassin in the Palace, a nightless mafia variant.

Hosted by CRichard
Co-Hosted by Wazza


  • The Global Rules apply to this game and will be enforced if needed Global Rules.
  • The Forum Game Rules also apply to this game Forum Game Rules.
  • This is a no-alt game.
  • Players are reminded to read their rolecard throughly, and won’t be allowed to post or vote until they indicate to the hosts they have read their rolecard.


  • The game pits the King and Guards versus the Assassin.
  • This is any open setup with 4 Guards, 1 King and 1 Assassin.
  • The game is nightless with days lasting 24 hours.
  • The King and Guards are on the same team. The Guards all know who the King is, yet the King only knows their alignment.
  • The Assassin has 1 kill and they must DM the hosts on who their target is. If the Assassin hasn’t submitted a target and are eliminated, the kill will be randomised among all alive players. This kill can be used anytime.

Elimination Rules

  • Eliminations will be majority and plurality.
  • Votes for no elimination won’t be considered valid.
  • Majority immediately ends the day any time it is reached.
  • If the Assassin is eliminated, they kill their last selected target.
  • Upon elimination, full flips will be provided. All flips are true.

Win Conditions

  • The King and Guards win together if the King survives the Assassin’s kill attempt, and the Assassin is dead.
  • The Assassin wins if they successfully kill the King. If the Assassin is dead and they manage to kill the King, the Assassin still wins even in death.
  • The Assassin also wins if there are only 2 players alive, including the Assassin.

Example Rolecards

Hello [Player Name]!,You are the King.
Your win condition is to survive the Assassin’s attempt on your life.
You share this win condition with your loyal guards

Hello [Player Name]! You are a Guard.
You know that [Player] is the King.
Your win condition is to ensure the King survives the Assassin’s kill.
You don’t know who your fellow guards are.

Hello [Player Name]!, You are the Assassin.
You can submit who dies upon your death as many times as you want, while you live.
You have 1 kill which will be activated upon your death. You can use this kill any time you are alive.
Your win condition is to kill the King, regardless if you survive or not.


  1. Magnus
  2. Whysper - Executed D1 Guard
  3. iaafr
  4. Zone_Q11
  5. Atlas
  6. ElizathePsycho

Backups: Probably don’t need it though it isn’t a bad idea to be prepared, in case someone needs to sub out.


  1. Silviu (Informed)
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When TMI is Town-indicative.

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It’s a Legion game.


Pro-Kingdom Strategy

It has been presented that the best odds for a town win is to merely quick eliminate every day having no other discussion. This effectively allows the kingdom to use its size to its advantage without exposing its information. Do not discuss who is scummy or why. Never scum hunt. That way info is zero. Uninformed scum remains uninformed. Then use your size by group voting/eliminating anyone once they get one vote on them. Get every elimination asap! Whilst the assassin(s) can still win with this play, it becomes much more a random coin flip than a calculated decision of who they should blow up.

With this strategy in play, the assassin’s best chance of winning is to survive as long as possible to reduce the number of kill choices, however, if they are selected for a elimination at any time, it would be distinctly anti-town to plea their innocence and argue against their elimination, as the optimal town play is to merely eliminate and be eliminated silently without giving out any information at all.

This strategy is difficult to implement, mostly due to the fact that it cannot be discussed without lowering its effectiveness (as discussing its validity puts out information the assassin wants). However, it still allows the town a distinct advantage and turns the game into little more than a lottery.

Can we not do this?


so true

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all vanilla mafia is is a game of chance - some dude on tolcord


I’ll only play if this is enforced in rules


is this on the misc queue

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See it’s weird because

Normally, info getting out there only helps town.

But town is a quasi-informed majority this time. And the wolf is the one who needs info.

also in general, there is 1 wolf, oh god oh fuck



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It was ruled as a misc by FoL mods.

Minimum post count.

@discobot roll 2d6

:game_die: 5, 1

…Well, looks like I’m the assassin.

Min post count can’t be enforced well if people quickhammer

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…the solution is to remove quickhammering and adding a min post count?

But how did this not come up in conception?


If all of you joined, then we’d only need 1 more to start this game.


AiTP is like spyfall but good has 4 guesses as to who the spy is instead of one

imo the “no info” strategy is really hard to tread because its not like. one hard-and-fast strategy
its a spectrum that the closer you get to it, the better
so the rules as-is basically disincentivise people from playing the game in order to maximise their winrate: the more you play the game, the lower your winrate will be

which is why i think that with the ruleset its pretty fundamentally flawed unless you make it so that good needs to use social deduction to get the assassin out instead of randomguessing having a >50% chance of working

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