Baldur's Gate 3 uPick - Day 4 [8/13] - The Party Wins

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Baldur’s Gate 3 uPick

Hosted by @ElizaThePsycho and @Daeron


  • Global Site Rules
  • Do not post in languages other than English, edit/delete posts, like posts while dead/during night, utilize shared/hydra accounts, utilize multiple accounts, use polling/wiki features, attempt to mimic host messages, post fake quotes of other players, or spam/slank excessively.
  • Do not cheat. Announcing intention to cheat, yet not acting upon it, will still confer punishment.
    • Do not gamethrow or sabotage games. You are permitted to play terribly, but doing so with the intention to troll will confer punishment.
    • Do not discuss host decisions or replacements in the game thread, especially to gain an in-game advantage.
    • Do not employ out of game information in order to get an in-game advantage. This rule will be enforced loosely with the exception of alignment indicative information, which should instead be made known to the host and will be handled appropriately.
      Try not to enable other players to do this either. You can help by not talking about the game outside the game thread.
    • Do not attempt to weaponize the host.
    • Do not announce intent to replace out, or make posts that could easily be interpreted in that manner.
    • Do not strategically replace out.
    • Do not attempt to abuse loopholes in the rules in order to accomplish any of the above. If you are not sure if something is legal or not, communicate such to the host in your PM.


  • The uninformed majority is the Party. The informed minority is the Absolutists. There may or may not be third parties.
  • There will be alternative rolecards that contain only mechanical information to prevent spoilers. Please use the spoil function to spoil most spoilers.
Example Rolecards (none of these will appear in the game)

Party Vanilla

You have no weapons but your voice and your vote.

You win when all Absolutists are dead and at least 1 Party member remains alive.

Absolutist Thrall

You have no weapons but your voice, your vote, and the factional kill.

You win when the Absolute has parity with the Party.

  • Days are 48 hours long (unless ended early by majority), nights are 24.
  • The Absolutists will communicate through a special discord server or forum PM.
  • Factional actions may be performed alongside other actions.
  • Executions are majority and plurality. Ties result in a random execution among the tied players.
  • The action deadline is one hour before the phase ends.
  • Votes are locked in XyLo.
  • No execution is not a valid vote.


  1. Someone - Killed N1 - Absolutist He Who Was, Spirit Torturer
  2. Jarek
  3. Frostwolf103
  4. catbae
  5. Leafia
  6. bystander - Executed D1 - Party Owlbear Cub
  7. Arctic - Killed N3 - Party Scelaritas Fel
  8. Thunderstorm - Executed D3 - Absolutist Wyll, Blade of Frontiers
  9. Kiiruma
  10. tutuu
  11. Eskcanta - Died by Breach of Obligation D2 - Party ?
  12. Zone_Q11
  13. Bionic


  1. Luka
  2. Chloe


  1. Silviu200530
  2. Delta
  3. Atlas
  4. Magnus
  5. Amelia
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Night 0 has ended and Day 1 has begun. It will end in 48 hours. Execution is both plurality and majority, and no execution is not a valid vote.

Day 1 Flavor (may contain minor spoilers)

Day 1 Flavor

“You all begin in the place known as the Emerald Grove, a Druid’s hollow. Within the grove are tiefling refugees from Elturel, whom the Druids want to cast out, and outside of the grove goblins are attacking left and right” says the Dungeon Master.

“Why do the Druids of all people want to cast the outsiders out? I thought druids were nice?” says Steve, who is playing a Barbarian named Steven.

“Yes, but—“ says the Dungeon Master.

“I think they’re—“ says Joe, who is playing a cleric named Brandon.

“No, they’re—“ says Candice, who is playing a wizard named Wiz.

“I believe—“ says Abby, who is playing a monk named Abby.

“WILL YOU ALL SHUT UP? says the DM. “Now, within and without the grove lurks an insidious evil…”

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