Bean's Headcanon Heights

Totally not ripping off Jake’s Discrimination based upon how tasty your username sounds.

Post in-thread to get my headcanon on how tall you are, I’ll update this as I go

Zone - I associate them with the gas mask thing pfp too much and they’re like one of those lanky emo giants to me, maybe even taller idk
Katze - one of those psychological damagingly tall ones

Geyde - either this or 5’3"
Pigeon - lanky af so climbs random things and is how they got their nickname
DatBird - the one with a clipboard walking around peering over ppls shoulders and checking their work
Marl - this feels like the sterotypical American Weeb :tm: height

Kiiruma - 6’7" with the fursuit on
Magician - 6’5" with the top hat

Vulgard - iirc an eastern european he/him i feel gives off the “tall but slouches a lot” vibes
Keldi - peak hipster vibes
Jakethewolfie - idk furries are pretty tall, bony as well probably

Achromatic - used to be 6’2" but shrunk due to sitting too long playing mafia
lol - feels like they’d be like a normal human working like an office job irl

Magnus - one of Magnus/May is kinda tall and the other is short af and I think Magnus fits the bill more of the tall one
Squirrel - PNW ppl are generally tall in my experience, probably slightly shorter due to robotics
[Squirrel: bro where are the tall vibes coming from I’m like 5’ 7"]

Marshal - I’m fairly certain of this for no reason whatsoever, idk probably a bit not short if she’s putting up cat posters
[Marshal: I am 6’3 and offended tbh. You really think I am 5 inches shorter than pigeon? He is literally 8 years old]
Rajidae - would’ve said shorter had I not known this was appel, finnish ppl tall af
orangeandblack5 - guesstimating from the catboy pic

Beancat - actual canon height
Silviu - tall short person or short tall person vibes
Eliza - def gives off the vibes of someone who’s consistently complaining that they’re both too short and too tall and that’s why they’re here with me

Baker - has a hoodie on while in their gaming chair for some reason and their back’s gonna be screaming for medical attention in 3 years
CRichard - No you’re not
Leafia - tall and slender with glasses

Arete - lanky tho so feels 3 inches taller than they actually are, I also kinda saw them on the champs stream
HazardousWaste - cute and fluffy and obsessed with oversized clothing but kinda too big for the normal XL to be adequately oversized
Italy - :pinched_fingers:

Chloe - “gay healthcare person” has like one sterotype in my brain
Litten - my headcanon has litten and orange standing next to each other and giving off the vibes for the same height even though they’re like 6 inches in difference

Youbutworse - “largest chihuahua” vibes
Daeron - smol scottish child
Nightingale - the paradoxical soft-spoken brazilian
Wazza - last i remember them is when they were like 13 so they’re still like very young and not fully grown to me

Tutuu - claims to be 6’3" so probably insecure about their height, also feels like the short kid in the group that always talks
TodaysStory - See second half of tutuu, also iirc this person likes dragons and that usually means they’re mini

May - See Magnus. I feel like the more I’ve seen you talk the more I’m likely to think you’re short
Ruby - canon height Ruby

Arctic - resident short cis dude :tm:

Sulit - canon height for REM and i think theyd actually fit, all lilys i know are tiny except like one who’s 6’2" and plays volleyball

min - I mean the name kinda gives it away doesnt it

Chupie - chupie


Sure, tell me.

aret aret

Let’s go.

I swear ima get 90% of these wrong

wait i was supposed to ask u (dont look edit)

how tall u think i am

too late I saw

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Funny guess, but luckily I never shrunk. I am 6’4" lol

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wtf how are you so tall


I always win.

does this imply that I’m actually 5’4"

because I am 5’11" :joy_cat:

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im gay


how are people so tall

cries in asian genes

that implies “from the stream i think you’re one of those people that are actually shorter than me but looks taller over zoom”

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I’m tempted to put every gay person in the 5’9" category but I know that wont be true

TS feels 5’3" to me tbh

I believe in you

almost exactly correct, i’m 6’

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well i dont


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