Discrimination based upon how tasty your username sounds.

Post in-thread to get a rating. I’ll update the OP as time goes on.

I’ll start with me

gay - The peak of fine dining. 100/10
Arete - Excellence distilled into a vial. Good addition to anything, but it cannot sustain you alone. 9/10
katze - Kitty meat that has been seasoned with exotic seasonings, such as Old Bay. 8/10
Ruby - C R O N C H. 8/10
InsanityUwU - This meal is cursed. Eating it will transform you into a stereotypical furry. 8/10
WindwardAway - Bird meat, cooked and served with light amounts of seasoning. 7/10
Daeron - A unique light taste, with tender, cloud-like mashed potatoes. 7/10
Arctic - Fish, Polar Bear, and a side of snow. Probably still warm. 7/10
Nerbins - Exotic Chicken Nuggets. 7/10
Litten - Kitty meat infused with CBD oil. 7/10
Amelia - A single tiered cake shaped in the form of the bride. Instead of being vanilla flavored, it’s just more sugar. 6.5/10
Intensify - Cayenne pepper, but with a dash of ghost pepper added for spice. 6/10
Atlas - A big and hearty meal, enough to feed… well. Atlas. 6/10
nightingale - An alcoholic exposed to direct moonlight. It aged well, and triggers any lycanthropy if drunk. 6/10
Mentalist - Most of the meat is actually inside of the brain. Like pineapples, bromelain can be found here, giving it a unique “eats you back” flavor. 6/10
ThePretender - Brand-Name imitation meat. 6/10
clonedcheese - Most cheese is pretty meh, except like Mozzarella, Cottage, Swiss, and Provolone. 6/10
Magnus - Spicy steak, with a side of active bullets. 6/10
Geyde - Steak that’s been made well done. Comes with a side of steak sauce, at least. 6/10
JakeTheWolfie - Meat from a wolf. Would probably be better fit to be a rug or a fur coat. 5/10
Frog - I haven’t had frog before, but I’d be willing to try. 5/10
dota - An off-branded Dr. Pepper who doesn’t even get a title. 5/10
Squirrel2412 - This is an MRE, but the butcher wasn’t in town. 5/10
Trochilidae - Less of a meal and more of how the ISO defines how one should prepare hummingbird for scientific experimentation. 5/10
EliThePsycho - Human flesh from the criminally insane. Probably contains lead, whichs adds to the sweetness. 5/10
SirDerpsALot - So much alcohol was cooked into this meal that it has an alcohol by volume of 10. 4/10
Silviu200530 - This is an MRE, but for rich people. 4/10
Lady Gaga - Didn’t she wear a meat dress once? I mean, it was uncooked, so… 4/10
thepigeonnyc - Bird Meat. Not too exciting. 4/10
Simon - I mean, it’s just human flesh. Probably tastes like chicken. 4/10
Jane - It’s like bay leaves, if it was marijuana instead of bay leaves. 3/10
ATNoName - Something new, but certainly not something good. 3/10
SonicAndKnuckles (lol + dota) - It runs through you quick and might give you diarrhea. At least it isn’t Taco Bell. 3/10
Chloe - There is no nutritional value here. Probably made out of actual tofu. 2/10
lol - A pancake colored to look like the crylaughing emoji. 1/10
DatBird - There is only of of this in existance, and you fucked it up. 4/100
GGhana - Countries have a rather Earthy taste, and poor nutrient content. 1/100
Ranta - Carbonated Sparkling Water, as in carbonating water which has already been carbonated. 0/10
YoubutWorse - 0/10

Hippopablompoyeetus - what/10





did you know that in some of the Pokémon anime they eat Pokémon


if i dislike what you write about me i may or may not ban

this may or my not be a joke


If I don’t write about you, then I won’t get banned for it?

this may or may not be the case

Katze irl:



how tasty would a mentalist be?

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I suppose I can also consider your username in the discord too, upon request.

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should I be concerned?




I’ll do you two if no one else comes in the next 30ish minutes

dont even get an explanation just 0/10 lmao


I mean, there are definitionally better alternatives out there. One of them is whoever “you” is.