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Everyone wakes from their slumber in a shock. Flower Festival? New World Chaos? What were all of these stories? And why do they all seem… so familiar? This thought sifts through the minds of the Townsfolk, as they try and figure out what it could mean. Fortunately for them, that question would be answered relatively soon. Chloe, the proprietor of the nearby Fortress was found dead; impaled on the clocktower… just like in the dreams. Is there a Demon afoot…? Or is that what it wants you to think…

Welcome… to the second Blood on the Forums of this new forum! This was supposed to be the first but Intensify ruined it! …oh well it’s the first one that first had its signups page posted on the new forums only. And also it isn’t running a homebrew, just the characters you know and love… plus a few extra that you’ll still love!

Character List

This game will be running a custom script, call it a celebration if you like of the new forums. The premise here is well… Not everything is as it seems. With double claims and poisoning running rampant, the town may find themselves in a bit of a predicament. Perhaps that Atheist is telling the truth after all…

Noble : You start knowing 3 players; exactly 1 of them is evil.
Pixie : You start knowing one in-play Townsfolk character. If you are “mad” that you are this character, you gain their ability when they die.
Balloonist : Each night, you learn 1 player of each character type until there are no more types to learn. [+1 Outsider]
Empath : Each night, learn how many of your two living neighbors are evil.
Chambermaid : Each night, choose 2 living players; learn how many woke due to their own abilities tonight.
King : Each night, if the dead outnumber the living; learn 1 alive character. The Demon knows who you are.
Flowergirl : Each night*, learn if a Demon player voted today.
Lycanthrope : Each night*; choose a player, if Good they die, but they are the only player that can die tonight.
Juggler : On your first day, publicly guess up to 5 player’s characters. That night, learn how many you got correct.
Fisherman : Once per game, during the day; you may publicly declare to visit the Storyteller to learn some advice to help your team win.
Magician : The Demon thinks you are a Minion. Minions think you are a Demon.
Choirboy : If the Demon kills the King, you learn who the Demon is. [+the King]
Atheist : The Storyteller can break any rules, and if executed; Good wins, even if you are dead. [All players are Townsfolk or Outsiders]

Snitch : Minions start knowing 3 not-in-play characters.
Lunatic : You think you are a Demon, but you are not. The Demon knows who you are and who you choose at night.
Politician : If you were the player most responsible for your team losing; you change alignments and win, even if dead.
Puzzlemaster : 1 player malfunctions, even if you are dead. If you guess who it is (can only guess once); you learn the Demon, but if you guess wrong you get false information.

Scarlet Woman: If there are 5 or more players alive and the Demon dies; you become the Demon.
Boomdandy : If you are executed; all but 3 players die. After 6 hours pass, the player with the most votes then dies.
Marionette : You think you are a Townsfolk or Outsider character, but the ability you think you have instead malfunctions. The Demon knows who you are. [You neighbor the Demon]
Psychopath : Each day, you may publicly choose a player who hasn’t been nominated yet; they die. If executed, you only die if you lose Roshambo.
Cerenovus : Each night, choose a player and a Good character; they are “mad” they are this character tomorrow, or might be executed.


Fang Gu : Each night*, choose a player; they die. The first Outsider this kills becomes an Evil Fang Gu and you die instead. [+1 Outsider]
Imp : Each night*, choose a player, they die. If you kill yourself this way, a Minion becomes the Imp.
Legion: Each night*, a player might die. Executions fail if only evil voted. You register as a Minion too. [Most players are Legion]

Town Composition

This game is designed for a variable number of players, and thus the composition of the game is able to change depending on how many players join. The following list denotes the standard composition of the game at each possible player count.

Total Players: Townsfolk/Outsiders/Minions/Demons
5: 3/0/1/1
6: 3/1/1/1
7: 5/0/1/1
8: 5/1/1/1
9: 5/2/1/1
10: 7/0/2/1
11: 7/1/2/1
12: 7/2/2/1
13: 9/0/3/1
14: 9/1/3/1
15: 9/2/3/1

Every character in-game is unique in that more than one of the same character will never appear at the start of the game (there can never be two Nobles at the start, for example).

Certain characters may contain parts of their ability which modify the game setup; some add character types (and subtract others to compensate), while others change elements of the game entirely. Be sure to take notice of these. You’ll find them in [square brackets], like those ones.

Phase Length

Each day phase will last for no longer than 48 hours.
12 hours: Discussion phase. Nominations may not be cast at this time.
12 hours: Nomination phase. Players who wish to nominate may do so at this time, and votes may begun to be cast during this time as well.
24 hours: Vote finalization. During this time, votes may be cast freely on any existing nomination, but no new nominations may be made. Once this time ends or all votes have been locked in, the day will resolve.

The night phase will last for no more than 24 hours. If all relevant actions have been submitted and processed, Storytellers reserve the right to begin the next day early.


The Storyteller is the key moderator for the game; All ability uses at night must be sent to the Storyteller via private message, and Storyteller will have the final say on any open-ended ability behaviors. Storyteller’s goal is to keep the game both fun and balanced, and they’ll often be trying to make it last as long as possible; however, the Storyteller may not alter any existing rules to accomplish this.

The Fabled

The Fabled aren’t really characters so much as special modifiers that the Storyteller can put in play to tweak the game. For example, the Angel can be put into play to help keep newer players from being targeted, or the Buddhist can be put into play to keep the more experienced players from dominating the discussion. Fabled will always be announced when they are in play, along with their effect upon gamestate. A breakdown of Fabled characters can be found below.

Angel: Something bad might happen to whomever is most responsible for the death of a new player.
Buddhist: Veteran players may not speak for the first six hours of the day phase.
Doomsayer: If more than four players live, each living player may publicly invoke the Doomsayer once per game to cause a player of their own alignment to die.
Fiddler: Once per game, at night, the Demon secretly chooses a player of an opposing alignment; All players then choose which of these two wins the game.
Hell’s Librarian: Something bad might happen to whomever speaks when the Storyteller calls for silence.
Djinn: The two specified characters cannot both be in play, however Evil knows which ones are. Or, the Djinn’s special rule is in play instead, known as a “jinx.”
The following Fabled character must be added before the game begins; please speak to the Storyteller if you wish to see it added.
Revolutionary: Two neighboring players are known to be the same alignment. Once per game, one of them may register falsely.

Scum Info

On the first night of the game, when relatively few characters act, the evil characters will all be woken to learn who one another are. Evil players will not be allowed to communicate at night. The Demon will be told who all of their Minions are, and the Minions will know who the Demon is and who all of the other Minions are. However, the Minions and the Demon will not learn which specific characters any of their fellow evils are. The Demon will additionally be told three characters that are not in play, to serve as safe claims. They may claim any of these, none of these, or simply hand the claims off to Minions; however they think they will be best served.


The primary source of interference with abilities in this game is the malfunction. A class that is malfunctioning is not told that they are malfunctioning; if the character is one that gathers information, then the information they receive that night is arbitrary (open-ended, Storyteller may resolve at their discretion), otherwise, the malfunctioning character’s ability simply does not have any effect.

Nominations and Voting

Once the discussion phase has ended, the Storyteller will formally announce the opening of the nomination phase. Players must be nominated before they may be voted on that day. Each player may only be nominated once per day, and each player may only nominate once per day.
When a nomination is opened, the storyteller begins to track votes for that nomination. The players may precast votes, but the votes will lock in a clockhand format. Starting with the player below the nominee on the list, and working downwards, the votes will be locked if they are cast. As an example, take the following five players;


Brianna is nominated. Cameron’s vote will be locked as soon as he places it, because he is the first person below Brianna on the list. Derek may cast his vote before Cameron, and may alter his vote if Cameron has not yet voted, but once Cameron has voted and had his vote locked, Derek’s vote will be the next to lock, and if it is placed when Cameron’s vote locks, then Derek’s vote will lock as the vote cast by Derek at that time.
Any votes that are not cast by EoD will be considered votes to pardon. If the count of votes to execute is more than half of the number of living players (not half+1, that’s an important distinction), and is the highest count of votes against any player that day, the accused will be considered “about to die”. At the end of the day or when all votes on all nominations have been cast, the player who is “about to die” will be executed. If there is a tie between two or more players for the highest count of votes, the day will end with no execution. The Storyteller may only declare an early end to voting if it is no longer possible to tie or exceed the highest nomination.


Players may whisper each other in-game through private messages. Whispers must, however, be publicly announced, typically by requesting permission to whisper (a standard format is /whisper [Player]). Once a whisper has been declared and accepted, the two players may whisper via private message until one of them speaks publicly in the game chat, at which point the whisper is considered over and the players must declare whispers again if they wish to whisper.

In addition, a player may make 1 whisper per day to each neighbor of up to 10 words without announcing this in thread.


When a player dies, nothing is revealed about their character and they are allowed to stay in the game and speak. They may not nominate and they will have only one vote token (this will allow them to cast a vote to execute) for the entire game. Evil players who die may thus continue to help their allies by keeping up their claim and spreading misinformation, and good players may similarly help their allies by retaining relevant info that others may have forgotten in the heat of the game. Once a player dies, their ability stops working, which means that a player killed before they would perform their ability will not perform their ability, and any ability with a persistent effect will end upon the player’s death.


Good wins by eliminating all Demons (Minions do not necessarily need to die for Good to win, but eliminating Minions can be helpful). Evil wins by reducing the game to two living players (irrespective of either player’s alignment). The Storyteller may also declare a victory for Evil if Good may no longer possibly win (for example, if only evil players are left alive and thus no one would nominate the Demon). Certain class abilities may present alternate routes to victory; these classes, if able to appear, will be made known on the class list. In the event of a tie (both teams would win simultaneously), Good wins.


With this specific set of characters, comes 3 jinxes. My pleasure for not subjecting you to Riot… yet

Snitch + Marionette - The Marionette learns 3 not in play characters when the Snitch dies instead of at the start of the game.
Scarlet Woman + Fang Gu - If the Fang Gu dies due to jumping to an Outsider, the Scarlet Woman does not become the Demon.
Marionette + Balloonist - If the Marionette thinks they are a Balloonist, +1 Outsider is added.


The available travelers are as follows

Bureaucrat: Each night, choose a player; their vote counts as 3 tomorrow.

Thief: Each night, choose a player; their vote counts negatively tomorrow.

Beggar: You cannot vote without ghost votes. Dead players may choose to publicly give you theirs; if they do, you learn their alignment.

Scapegoat: If a player of your alignment would be executed, you might be executed instead.

Barista: Each night, a player cannot malfunction and receives true info, or a player’s ability functions twice.

Harlot: Each night*, choose a player; if they agree, you learn their character, but both of you might die.

Butcher: Each day, after the execution, you may make another nomination.

Bone Collector: Once per game, at night, choose a dead player; they regain their ability until dusk.

Judge: Once per game, during the day, you may publicly force a nomination to pass or fail.

Gangster: Each day, you may publicly choose to kill one of your living neighbors, but only if the other agrees.

The player list can be found below; just ping myself, Amelia with /in and the seat you want (yes, I let you choose).

  1. Wazza
  2. EggYolk
  3. CRichard
  4. Sharklifter
  5. Mistyx
  6. Nightingale
  7. Leafia
  8. Kiiruma
  9. Zone_Q11
  10. Intensify
  11. Arctic
  12. Jarek
  13. Whysper
  14. Atlas
  15. Eli
  16. GGhana (Barista)
  17. Gorta (Harlot)


  1. Bradland

Spectators (informed unless you make that godawful joke):

  1. SkyRED
  2. YouButWorse
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You all want to get revenge for your dear Chloe right? After all, she was the best person since sliced bread! Well, we here… Yes, we, will be the judge of that.

The first night has ended, and the first day shall now begin! Nominations will open in 12 hours, or at 2021-12-08T03:42:00Z. You may now speak.


And finally…

“Would you like another cup?” @GGhana the Barista has traveled into Ravenswood Bluff!

“I know you better than anyone…” @Gorta the Harlot has traveled into Ravenswood Bluff!


Well whatever

directions unclear, chloe is sliced bread

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So I’ve decided

Since my softs are so hard to read, I’m going to start referencing things which point to certain roles throughout the day. I will be one of those roles.
I’ll do 3 townsfolk, two outsiders, 1 demon and minion

To start

Go fish

if you’re going to soft can you please do it in a less obvious manner lol

also why are you softing evil.

Its gonna be less obvious

I dont actually know
I just felt like it

this isnt like onuw where people usually claim immediately right

when do claims usually happen

When people feel like it ig

claims usually happen in exchanges in private
its not like onuw because
there are multiple nights, for starters

alright nerds im walking home from school but that doesn’t mean I can’t enter the thread and bully yall

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It’s very dark and cold

Anyway, I want to gather claims so who wants to 3f3?

what’s a 3f3

cant bc i have class in
whenever the instructor arrives

3 for 3, we each give 3 claims