BotF XVII: U-Pick Your Poison - D6 - Lil Monsta (And the Evil Team) Wins!

I’m lazy though.

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You would blend in with the dark mode background anyway. Camouflage. It’d be a disaster nobody cvould ever fuind you

I was willing to give Caspore the time of day before they were executed.
Whatever /accept

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Is this how you snuck into all those DMs

God Ive realizewd you all ahve never actually seen no sleep May posting before. I havent done that ion FoL before. Well good thing this day ends in an hour because otherwise I have a feeling Iw ould be admitting to some things I normally wouldnt and generally making the fool of mysel.f

Imagine using dark mode, couldn’t be me.

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Youre screen is like the ray of sunshine: insufficiently edgy

This works.

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Cant legally make fun of light mode though because Im blound by my web accessibilty contract ot say Light Mode is An Aaccesisiblety Feature and many peolpe Need it and many people s

Magnus your avatar is hiding


Inside Your Walls.


Itsvery scary ., I was aso scared. Far too scary by far

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~45 minutes to EOD. Lock your votes in if you haven’t had the chance.

You locked in my vtoe for me sorry. Well actually I lcoked it in for myseal and then locke it in the other directiondue to m ywonderful pwoers of persuasion I

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I can’t believe your keyboard contracted alzheimers mid sentence.

Well actuallyfor a period of time my laptop keyboard wasnt working and I just like had to skip certain letters and poeple would fill in thenblanks. But now I’m using ane texternal keyboard it is my hands which become the issue if I’ not careufl. ← This is careful


Hee’s me typing on my laptop keyboad and coecting all the typos so that it might be clea that some of the keys jst don’t ok at all

Actually happened midway through the Pokemon game it was a pain in the ass luckily Jaiden could carry

Atlas is confirmed good if Nuto’s execution doesn’t end the game yes.

I’m scared that Nuto is somehow the good twin here.

If they knew about them being the good twin.