Combinaturboics Interest Check

Hi chat. I made a modbot (@Maybot) that runs games of Combinatorics Mafia, and I’d like to test it out in a proper game environment before using it in longform.

It’d be entirely automated - everything from role PMs to vote counts to EoDs. The plan is to run an 8-player version of the setup (2 wolves, 2 masons, 4 VTs), which would take a maximum of 6 day phases to complete, provided nobody clowns. I’d probably do 10-minute cycles such that the game would take at most an hour to complete.

Low commitment, very casual game, it’d mostly just be to test out the bot. You are free to try to break it if you’d like. My plan is to run it on Saturday, if that works for people. Here is a poll about times.

What approximate times would work for you?*
    1. 2024-07-13T16:00:00Z2024-07-13T19:00:00Z
    1. 2024-07-13T19:00:00Z2024-07-13T22:00:00Z
    1. 2024-07-13T22:00:00Z2024-07-14T01:00:00Z
    1. 2024-07-14T01:00:00Z2024-07-13T15:59:00Z
  • I would like to play but none of these times work for me
  • I am not interested in helping test Maybot :’(

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*If you’re available for at least an hour during a given window, feel free to check that option, even if you’re not around the whole time. The game will only last that long anyway. Let me know if you have additional scheduling restrictions so I can work around them.

If, for some reason, you can’t read those timestamps, they’re:

  1. Saturday noon-3PM US Eastern
  2. Saturday 3PM-6PM US Eastern
  3. Saturday 6PM-9PM US Eastern
  4. Saturday 9PM-12AM US Eastern

right nyaow

There’s already a game running RN!

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We suck at this.


Democracy is giving power to the people. But the people are stupid


(Just to be clear yea this is Cancelled on account of not enogu hpeople. SAD!)


Nobody wants to turbo anymore (this was fairly expected, people don’t generally join such games) (I don’t know how I’m gonna test this thing in an actual game setting without just throwing it in longform though)


if you strictly want to run a test game i can probably help you at some point next week (maybe this weekend)

i think i only have 2 accounts on newfol but i could use both


I have 8 accounts I can run a test game myself. I don’t want to strictly test functionality I want people to use it in an actual game setting