Kittens Game: Combinatorics Mafia - GAME OVER, TOWN WIN

Kittens Game: Combinatorics Mafia

Hosted by @May, cohosted by @Garfooled, reviewed by @Luka (with @Zone_Q11 supervising).

Combinatorics Mafia was designed by Nintor of Nintendo Loop.

All of my kittens in Kittens Game will live forever, and they will never starve to death due to my carelessness. To reflect this, I will be hosting a mafia game in which nobody dies.

In this mafia variant, there are no deaths or eliminations. Instead, both factions face a symmetrical combinatoric challenge. The town, the uninformed majority, must locate the mafia, and the mafia must avoid this and locate a group of masons.

  • During the day phase, players vote on who to send to jail for the night. At the end of the day, the three players with the most votes will be sent to jail, and a public announcement will reveal how many of them are mafia.

  • During the night phase, the mafia may select three players to beam. At the end of the night, a public announcement will reveal how many beamed players were masons (but not who was beamed).

  • If all three mafia players are sent to jail at once, town will win. If all three masons are beamed at once, the town will have one last day phase to identify the mafia. If they fail, the mafia will win.


  • Follow the Forum Game Rules. (This includes: no excessive AtE, no personal attacks, no angleshooting, et cetera.)

  • You must meet the minimum of 10 posts every day phase or be replaced.

  • Due to the nature of this game, some players may become unkillable outed evils. Attempts to disrupt game conversation via spam are against the rules.


Standard Mechanics

  • Day phases will last 48 hours, night phases will last 24 hours. Night actions will lock one hour before the end of the phase.

  • The mafia and the masons may both communicate privately on Discord at all times.

  • Flavour is not alignment indicative. Your kitten’s stats and profession are purely flavour, and not game-relevant.

Special Mechanics

  • During the day, everybody votes on three players to send to jail for the night. At the end of the day, it will be revealed how many of these three players were mafia.

  • Each player may vote for up to three different players. Players may also vote for “no prisoner” up to three times; if an instance of “no prisoner” is in the top three votes, no player will be sent to jail in that spot. There is no hammer.

  • Ties will be resolved randomly within the tie.

  • During the night, the mafia select three players to beam. At the end of the night, a public announcement will reveal how many beamed players were masons (but not who was beamed).


  1. Vanilla Town
  2. Vanilla Town
  3. Vanilla Town
  4. Vanilla Town
  5. Vanilla Town
  6. Vanilla Town
  7. Mason
  8. Mason
  9. Mason
  10. Mafia Goon
  11. Mafia Goon
  12. Mafoa Goon


Vanilla Town

Welcome, [player]! You are [kitten], the Vanilla Town.

You have no special abilities. You win if all mafia members are sent to jail simultaneously.


Welcome, [player]! You are [kitten], the Mason.

You may freely chat with the other masons at any time on Discord. The mafia’s win condition is to guess all three masons. You win if all mafia members are sent to jail simultaneously.

Mafia Goon

Welcome, [player]! You are [kitten], the Mafia Goon.

You may freely chat with the other mafia at any time on Discord. You win if all masons are beamed simultaneously and the town does not win on the following day.


  1. Zugzwang
  2. tutuu
  3. Ash
  4. Frostwolf103
  5. Marluna
  6. Someone
  7. Bionic
  8. Hippopablompoyeetus
  9. beancat
  10. Kiiruma
  11. guavagudetama
  12. SirDerpsAlot


  1. YouButWorse
  2. Chloe
  3. Leafia


  1. ElizaThePsycho
  2. Ruby
  3. Litten
  4. pandora
  5. benguinedparbecue


  1. How to vote
  2. Day 1 start
  3. Day 1 end, 0 wolves in Zugzwang, SirDerpsAlot, and beancat
  4. Day 2 start, 1 mason beamed
  5. Day 2 end, 2 wolves in Marluna, Kiiruma, and Ash
  6. Day 3 start, 0 masons beamed
  7. Day 3 end, 1 wolf in Kiiruma, Marluna, and Hippopablompoyeetus
  8. Day 4 start, 3 masons beamed
  9. Day 4 end, 3 wolves in Ash, Marluna, and guavagudetama

How to Vote

During this game, players may place up to three simultaneous votes for different players. The top three players being voted will then be jailed.


To place multiple votes at once, include all of your votes in the same post. Each time you make a new post containing votes, all of your targets will be reset.

VOTE: May and VOTE: Garfooled

Two votes in the same post will allow you to vote for both May and Garfooled.


VOTE: Garfooled

Two votes in separate posts will vote for only May, and then only Garfooled.

Voting for No Prisoner

In addition to voting for others, players may vote for no prisoner up to three times. If any instance of no prisoner is in the top 3 votes, then no prisoner will be jailed in that particular spot.

VOTE: May, VOTE: Garfooled, and VOTE: No Prisoner 1

To vote for no prisoner once, vote for your targets and “No Prisoner 1”.

VOTE: May, VOTE: No Prisoner 1, and VOTE: No Prisoner 2

To vote for no prisoner twice, vote for a target, “No Prisoner 1”, and “No Prisoner 2”.

VOTE: No Prisoner 1, VOTE: No Prisoner 2, and VOTE: No Prisoner 3

To vote for no prisoner three times, vote for “No Prisoner 1”, “No Prisoner 2”, and “No Prisoner 3”.

Final Votecounts

The top three slots voted for at the end of the day will be jailed. Any ties will be resolved randomly.

May (4): ElizaThePsycho, Ruby, Litten, pandora
No Prisoner 1 (4): Ruby, Litten, pandora, benguinedparbecue
Garfooled (3): ElizaThePsycho, Litten, pandora
No Prisoner 2 (3): ElizaThePsycho, Ruby, benguinedparbecue
No Prisoner 3 (1): benguinedparbecue

This votecount would result in May and No Prisoner 1 being selected for the jail. The last slot is tied between Garfooled and No Prisoner 2, so a coin would be flipped to decide whether Garfooled or No Prisoner 2 goes to jail.


Rolecards are out!

The game will begin 2024-02-29T21:00:00Z.



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I made a typo in the town win conditions. Please point and laugh.

You win if all mafia members are been sent to jail simultaneously.” has been edited in all rolecards to instead read “You win if all mafia members are sent to jail simultaneously.”.

Do not discuss this change.


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Day 1 begins and will end 2024-03-02T21:00:00Z.