Danganronpa: ReWorked or thread how to better improve the DR games in general.

Danganronpa ReWorked

Yh, I’m doing this and the main thing I’m working here is twofold.

A) Adding methods to allow successful blackeneds to keep influencing the game even after winning a trial. Like, one of the main issue that the previous game had was that a lot of people kind of didn’t want to kill because they would be out of the game regardless if they won the class trial or not, which eventually caused stalements to the game, especially since it meant that the more dynamic players would be leaving the game early on due to being the blackened.

B) Incentivizing murders in general. In addition to the previous point I’m basically adding my own personalized motives in the game rather than allowing the mastermind to pick them. That kind of made the game feel a bit too swingy as it would make the game motives swingy depending if the MM was dynamic or passive.

So here’s the main thing that’s going to set the game apart.

  • A Blackened who wins the class trial will remain in the game. The player who gets executed during the trial will die regardless. How this is going to work is going to be talked about in the next point.

  • Rather than binary win/lose clauses the game will be based on a point system. Ideally you want as many points as possible. The way to obtain these points are going to be through exploring the area, solving the mysteries in it, and what have you. The MM has their own methods of gaining points which will be a secret while the participants will have a public on. For example, this is going to be potential rubric for class trials.

—A spotless player who correctly votes the blackened will gain 50 points,
—The blackened who survives will gain 150 points.
—The MM will gain up to 250 points depending on how much the vote weight is on the blackened. Like if 30% votes the blackened they will only get 70% of those 250 points, for instance.

Currently my main objective is trying to solve the problem that the game posits a dilemma where a player can either try to win the earliest by killing someone early thus giving them the highest chance of victory vs. playing through the entire game. Other ideas will come shortly.


Something else that I’m going to add is a rule against collaborations as in DR that’s basically suicide, tbh.

I hate to add rules in order to influence player behavior but that’s kind of needed, especially with the change to the wincon system.

The MM is still going to be a misdirector, though.


If it’s suicide to collaborate, then maybe add rules to encourage players to not backstab eachhother

Now see

Despite the fact that collaboration isn’t great in dangan, people love doing it anyway

Anyway time to absorb this then immediately forget it

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Okay personal motives have been shown in DR5 and the tail end of DR3 and they worked better so yes


I think Ici has/had a lot of stuff to make the game good, and the main concern was the host’s health

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I mean, main issue is that with the wincon change it makes it better for players to cooperate.

Before letting a blackened go would result in the miss counter going up which could spell game-over for you. Now with that out of the picture people will end up making more alliances. I don’t want this game turning into another YTTD where a handful of players control the game by making alliances and it should be more of a FFA thing.

Some RCs have personal motives that tie in with points. This should give me more freedom to craft the game by making the game less binary.

the mastermind itself is too swingy

It’s why I’m making it a less of a big deal this game like how I’m making the survivor wincon more independent of MMs and the motive is now my choice, tbh.

yeah i’ll be real i feel absolutely nothing about these points because we’ve already fixed them but with what i see as better solutions, but they’re not quite finished and ready to present them so i can’t really talk about them yet, so it sounds like i’m just full of shit

as such, i will curtail this discussion now, and not respond further. good luck with your plans, i guess.

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default dances

okay fine i’m going to be typically prolix and say Just One More Thing after I already said I’d stop- I think you’re overestimating the value of the point about people wanting to stay in the game and play for longer. I’ve considered this once or twice (a feature that miiight be featured in DR6, mostly just for fun, is a place where murderers, win or lose, can briefly explore before their game fully ends to get a narrative experience and a fitting finale for their story. don’t expect this, the game’s a lot of work already and this is mostly a bonus feature) but ultimately concluded that like

that’s not the biggest factor, in my mind, that’s stopping people from killing; there’s an implicit value judgement that is, namely, that the positive utility you’d get from winning wouldn’t outweigh the utility gained from playing through the rest of the game, not because that figure isn’t greater but rather because it’s too risky. humans are naturally risk-avoidant, and when interpreted in this way the “I don’t want to kill because then I’d have to stop playing no matter what” complaint is, in a more accurate sense, “I don’t think any positive value I’d get from killing and winning would be worth the risk”. the problem is, basically, that it’s way too hard to get away with murder at the moment. this is partially because of bad murder plans, which I have tried to do some amount of correction for with my reccent unasked for essay on the matter, but additionally because of a lot of elements of the fundamental design of the game, which we are absolutely changing for DR6

if people just think, or get the general sense, that winning is less risky than staying in the game, that they have a pretty good shot if they plan things correctly, that it will absolutely be worth it to try even if they lose, that’s a far more valuable way to mitigate the problem. which is why DR6 will generally be very, very, very focused around the setting being one in which it has been designed for the committing of murder.

as a consequence, I see your ideas as unnecessary at best? don’t get me wrong, based off the principles you’re working off your logic is completely sound, I just don’t think your principles are correct, or are more accurately seeing a symptom of a problem as the problem itself

the main problem I see with your idea of keeping victorious Blackened in the game (besides it flagrantly making the fiction of the game nonsensical, but that can be waived given that my view of the game is very narratively-focused and I like to have diegetic explanations for things) is that it’s likely to create a much less… compelling, structure? perhaps this is just my narrative focus flaring up but I feel like when there are concrete points and, crucially, victorious Blackened stay around, the game no longer becomes about making educated guesses but instead about optimising point gathering. never mind that that creates a demand for finely tuned balance, it fundamnetally changes the dynamics of the game in a way that I think are less fun

perhaps this is just my personal tastes and your idea is better than mine, I don’t know, but I feel like you’re being too willing to sacrifice what made the game compelling enough that people liked it even though it, objectively speaking, kinda sucked


tl;dr: “I don’t want to kill becausre then i’d have to stop playing” is, extrapolated logically, just a different way of saying “I don’t want to kill because it’s too risky”, and hence the far more important thing to do is make murder far more viable as an option, which we are absolutely doing

this just looks like kat triggering ici’s fight or flight responses by default dancing


no i was writing this before she did the Character Tic but i appreciate the read of the situation, it is moderately amusing!

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yes i will read it but at first glance what it appears to me is kat doing a default dance and then you writing an thesis counterargument for kat’s crimes against humanity

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no, no, you’re right

she’s denying it because she’s still got PTSD from it

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listen i had to process you default dancing AT LEAST 50 times i am allowed to be somewhat upset about it