Dethy Turbo - (MAFIA WINS)

Dethy - Turbo Edition

Hosted by @JKBenbot
Cohosted by @Garfooled
Rules and general formatting of this post stolen from Atlas.

Dethy is an open setup created by Dethwing and mildly tweaked by the Community.
Setup found here, though no Cop-headstart will be given.


  • Follow the Forum Game Rules.
  • Zeroposting for 24 hours and not meeting the minimum 10 game-related posts every 48 hours will lead to a replacement.
  • Each phase has a hard deadline of 18 hours, though phases may end early in day by someone getting majority which will hammer them, or all people get in their actions at night.

General Mechanics:

  • Cop Sanity will not be revealed on death.
  • A sane cop will receive regular cop results
  • An insane cop will receive the opposite of regular cop results.
  • A paranoid cop will always receive a mafia result.
  • A naive cop will always receive a town result.
  • Town member flavors are based off of firsts. Mafia member flavor is based off of lasts. The mafia member has a fake claim they can use, provided by hosts.
  • No exe is a valid vote.
  • If the game takes more than 3 irl days or 72 hours, the team most responsible for the game going over the alotted timespan loses.


  • Sane Cop
  • Insane Cop
  • Paranoid Cop
  • Naive Cop
  • Mafia Goon


Town Cop

Adam (Record Of Ragnarok), Town Cop

The first man

Abilities: Each night phase, you may investigate one player in the game by PM’ing the mod. You will get results back in the form of Town/Mafia.
Win condition: You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

You do not know your sanity.


Dead Man’s Hand, Mafia Goon

The last hand played by Wild Bill Hickok

Nightkill: Each night, PM the mod a player. They will die.
Flavor Safe Bluff: If for some reason you wish to bluff flavor, your safe character is Cook County Hospital, the first civilian Shock Trauma Unit.
Win condition: You win when all members of the town have been eliminated or nothing can prevent this from occurring.


  1. @Ash
  2. @Magnus
  3. @LittleLee
  4. @Bionic
  5. @Someone


I claim mafia.

The day has started! It’s day 1 folks, the first of the days.

Day 1 will end when somebody gets hammered or at 2024-06-03T16:05:00Z

Vote Setup

Sup gamers im good

Hi good, I’m Ash.

We should plan our investigatives.

idk what the best plan is, if we all pick the same person idk what happens

Debating between all of us going for the same person or doing a 3-2 split between two people.
Leaning towards the former because the latter becomes a mess to untangle.

all on 1 is useless actually

cuz 1 will always be evil, 1 will always be good, 1 is true, and 1 is false, and mafia is 5th

wait so it would clear 2 ppl from being mafia

yea we all pick same person actually

wait no, we dont know result of dead person

Oh, right, forgot that part.

I still think targeting a single person is our best play?

Like, if we decide Magnus and have Magnus investigate you, concentrating on them still gives a good bit of information since there’s only two possible alignments they could be.

I should write this all out.

hello gamers

day 1 transporter claim