DnDCord (it's not on discord)

This OP will be routinely updated

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checks notes
a bunch of people i don’t know

oh wait one of them is a host


  • hippo
  • frostwolf
  • crazy
  • eliza

i think

non-hosts here:

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me waiting for everyone to check in

Okay that’s cool, we have Dungeon Master as NPC

hi frost
do you know when the campaign will start

I guess it starts with the first ITA window in one hour and a half, if the hosts allowed day 1 ITA.

At least we know who we shouldn’t shoot, no way there’s mafia spying on us.

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there are no ITAs on day 1


Pool 1: Tyrone, benguinedparbeque, Zorvo, an_gorta_slanktai (insomnia), Silviu200530, Gorta, YouButWorse, Wazza, Leafia, Yamikarp

Pool 2: Ashlyn, nutella, Sadbi, Litten, ElizaThePsycho, row666, Hippopablompoyeetus, Marluna, lol, thepigeonnyc

Pool 3: Atlas, iamagummybear, Zenon, eevee, BradLand, RaisinBranEnthusiast (GGhana), Arctic, Italy, Creature, JakeTheWolfie

Pool 4: Zone_Q11, Cape90, guavagudetama, Kanave, EV.0, Demisha, Jarek, min, Magnus, Jane

Pool 5: Daeron, Amelia, Marluxion, Hazardwaste, crazynuto, Kork, Catbae, Apocryphal, May, Achromatic

Pool 6: Jaiden, sulit, Garfooled, Vulgard, Kiiruma, beancat, Frostwolf103, Chloe


ftr ill be dumping Secret :tm: thoughts in here and just thoughts in general

I have done the same thing as last year, this is selection of pools that we need to clear out, single pool being cleared out either by social deduction, ITA shooting, mech solving, then there’s no need to pursue these people on that pool.


first of all
zone is clearly baiting pushes with some kind of KP for those who vote him i think

Are you saying he’s interested in prodding responses to have better read on the players, but ones having KP specifically?

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he’s baiting pushes
i think his role gives him KP on those who push him

probably those who are voting him at EoD
granted, this is actually a likely wolf role

inb4 wagon bomber

actually after thinking it over a bit more, its not a likely wolf role because it punishes town for pushing wolves lmao