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DR6: Haha Sex

A game made by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
Hosted by @Geyde, @Icibalus, @Wazza, and @Ruby

What is this?

  • Danganronpa is a forum game based on the approximately popular game series of the same name, except mine is far superior.
  • In the game, you explore the map in the Daily Life phase, uncover evidence in the Deadly Life phase, and attempt to bring the killer to justice in the Tribunal. You can almost any kind of action, permitted that it is physically possible.
  • In the game, all players will be Participants, but players may also be one of a few other roles. These extra roles will have win-conditions that serve as a wrench to throw in the spanner.


There are two ways to win as a Participant:

  • Survive the killing game and ENDGAME
  • Become the Blackened and survive the Tribunal.

There are three ways for a Mastermind to win. They may not be assigned all of these:

  • Ensure the Participants fail to expose N murderers. The value of N is [x]. If you choose to kill, you must survive the Tribunal for it to count as a mistrial.
  • Kill ‘The Ultimate [y]’ and survive the Tribunal. They will know that they are being stalked by the Mastermind.
  • Make sure nobody else survives ENDGAME.

There are several ways for a Madman to win. They will be assigned one killing game win-condition (see below), and one ENDGAME win-condition (which is unknown).

  • Be the Blackened for a murder where you are a victim and avoid being chosen during the Tribunal.
  • Be a Blackened for a double murder and survive the Tribunal.
  • Be a Blackened in a double Blackened Tribunal and survive the Tribunal.
  • Be a Blackened for a murder using a specific method (fire, poison, etc) and survive the Tribunal.

The Mayakalam

  • You do not know
  • They cannot help but see
  • Go beyond

Daily Life

  • During this phase, players may perform actions freely (explained below), explore the map, and do incredibly stupid and completely unjustifiable actions for the sake of ephemeral comedy.
  • Throughout the map are secret items, hidden rooms, puzzles, and at least one secret passage. Some of these items are murder weapons. Do with them what their name suggests and you might win.
  • During Daily Life, players have the option to become Blackened by committing murder. This action is tiring, but could potentially win you the game if you go undetected.
  • During this phase, the game will change between High Power and Reserve Power, on a cycle that becomes progressively less favorable over time.
  • The following changes will occur during night time:
    1. Due to lower visibility, players will be more difficult to see.
    1. Murders will be 5% more likely to succeed.
    1. You will recover up to 20% of your max AP. Each recovery rate is doubled while in a Safe Room.
    1. The base cost for moving between locations will become 2 AP instead of 1 AP.
  • This phase will end when a body is discovered by the activation of a terminal by a player with an accurate reporting of the dead body’s location and identity.

Deadly Life

  • Players may investigate the map once more, but not to explore. Instead, they must determine the identity of the killer by finding evidence. The phase lasts for 24 hours.
  • This phase is fairly simple, so I shall use the rest of this section to explain some finer points of homicide:
    • When a murder happens, it’s extremely likely that physical evidence will be left behind, and there’s not much you can do to stop that. Mostly blood.
    • The disposal of bloody items will be challenging, but not impossible.
    • Items involved in the murder that are not covered with blood can be placed anywhere, but cannot be easily destroyed.
    • A maximum of 2 players may be murdered in each Daily Life phase. If two separate murders were committed, only the murderer of the first body to be discovered is Blackened. There are only a few, niche, exceptions to this rule:
      • If the bodies were discovered simultaneously, the murder which was committed the first chronologically decides the Blackened.
      • If the murderer of the first victim is then murdered, their murderer will be the Blackened.
      • If both murders were committed simultaneously and discovered simultaneously, the Blackened will be decided by luck.
    • A dead player can be Blackened in cases of suicide. You will NOT win by suicide unless you have a win condition that explicitly permits it.
  • Additional players beyond the normal murder cap will suffer a Conscience Mire, which will be explained in a later section.


  • For 48 hours, players may freely discuss the murder, the evidence, and the identity of the killer. No actions may be performed except for showing the class evidence in your inventory.
  • Players may vote privately during the Tribunal. After 24 hours, if all players have voted, the phase will end early. This 24-hour barrier will go away after the third Tribunal.
  • If all players except the extra roles and the Blackened vote correctly, the trial is automatically a success.
  • The Blackened has a vote weight of 0, but will win any ties they are in prioritizing the player with the lowest LUK.

Items And Stats

  • There are 5 stats in the game:
    • STR - How strong you are, your ability to perform physically taxing actions.
    • CON - How resistant you are, rarely used for stat rolls, but determines AP.
    • AGI - How fast and dexterous you are.
    • INT - Affects your ability to perform complex, precise actions. Also impacts your ability to know if things would work or if something appears dangerous.
    • LUK - Your affinity for the endless stream of random bullshit endemic to killing games. Also impacts ‘seemingly random effects.’
  • In addition, all players (unless otherwise stated) have 5 Public Item Slots and 1 Private Item Slot , each of which can hold one item.
  • Public Item Slots can be inspected at any time. However, you may only check another player’s Public Slots a maximum of 2 times per cycle.
  • Private Item Slots cannot be checked normally. However, during the Deadly Life phase, one Private Item Slot from each player will temporarily become public.
  • It is possible to steal another player’s items from one of their Public Slots by passing a roll of (AGI/2)%. They will be informed about the item being stolen after 20 minutes or when they next check their inventory. You can only steal 2 times per chapter. You can also slip items into the inventories of other people with the same calculation but with a 10% bonus chance for small items.

AP And Actions

  • All players begin the game with an amount of AP. Moving rooms costs 1 AP during the day (2 AP at night).
  • All actions, unless otherwise stated, cost 1 AP
  • Murdering another player costs a % of your total AP to attempt noted in your card.
  • AP may be recovered by the following methods:
    • Sleeping. During the day, recover 10% of your max AP each hour. At night, this moves up to 20% of your max AP. Each recovery rate is doubled while in a Safe Room.
    • Eating.


  • All players will have a role granting them special abilities. You are free to reveal these abilities, but note that there are… certain incentives not to claim your true capabilities. These cards also include a name and gender (which can be changed pre-game by player request.
  • Each role has a one-use ULTIMATE ABILITY , which can only be used once per game , but have exceedingly powerful effects.


Changes From Previous Games (TL;DR)

  • The nature of discovering bodies has changed somewhat.
  • Some of the wording has been changed to be a bit more naturalistic.

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Ultimate Zealot :susboi:

  • Destruction Declaration (Passive) - You have access to the following effects
    You gain +10 to all stats for every mistrial that takes place. If you succeed in a trial as the blackened, you gain +30 in all stats and immunity to negative status effects instead.
    Every time a player dies, you are able to use all of your abilities (excluding your ultimate) again. If you kill a player, you may use your ultimate again (only once).
    You know the location of a secret passage. You know there are more than just this present in the game.
    For all chapters other than ENDGAME, all negative status effects that target you will have a 70% chance of not succeeding.
    You can create complex chains of actions and reactions much more easily than other players.
  • Riastrad - Send a violent wave of energy out from yourself, sending nearby players 10 feet away, off their feet. This can knock them into walls and can incapacitate them, but cannot kill players on its own except by fall damage.
  • Impossibility of Existence - Teleport from your current room to a room two spaces away on the map. This will be heralded by an ominous aura that pervades through the room until the end of the chapter, and an unremovable pile of soot.
  • Trial through Flames (Ultimate) - Destroy all technology on the station for 30 minutes. This will force emergency power to kick on, which induces a darker night-time state than what would previously take place. You will gain the temporary weapon ‘Azathoth’, a dagger which targets a player’s soul and causes spears to jut out of their body if killed by this weapon.

ultimate speedrunner

  • basically super parkour skills (passive)
  • jog in place for up to 12 hours once per daily life. gain speed tokens for later use for each hour spent. tokens go away after end of chapter
    • IDK
    • dream luck (any non-0 percentage result guaranteed to succeed) 5 tokens
    • wall clip (leave skid marks on both sides afterwards that can’t be removed) 8 tokens
  • gets a lot from energy drinks (1.5x ap and no detrimental effects)
  • (ulti) do 5 actions instantaneously (can’t leave your current room with any of them)

Ultimate Party Animal :fred:

  • Perpetual Porpoise (Passive) - During the day, you have +30 CON/INT/LUK. During the night, you have +30 STR/AGI.
  • Tasting the Universe (Passive) - You are immune to the negative effects of poison during the day due to building a massive tolerance over your life. You can learn the contents of something by tasting them with 90% accuracy.
  • Abyss Watching (Passive/Ability) - You see and hear things that are not actually there on occasion. Target a player (can be yourself). Their ability to hear well will be dramatically increased, but they will gain the negative effect of the passive if they do not already have it. Once per chapter.
  • End of the Dream (Ultimate) - Before the start of the first deadly life, choose a chapter (min 2, max 6). During that chapter, all of your stats will be doubled, Abyss Watcher’s passive effect will be disabled, and you will exude an aura of finality to anyone who investigates your person. Your arms and legs will become dramatically weakened if you live past the chapter you chose.

Ultimate Architect :fred:

  • L’Appel du vide (Passive) - You are able to create improvised devices and item rather easily using most materials. You have a rough idea where raw materials are on the map at the start of the chapter.
  • Fusion of Disciplines (Passive) - Your creations do not have to entirely abide by the laws of physics. You start the game with a tool kit in your private slot.
  • Revelry - Only usable once per chapter. Collapse the structural integrity of any thing that you have made (other than a safe room).
  • Tower of Babylon (Ultimate) - Convert your current room into a safe room. It will have the same properties as a normal safe room, but will collapse 20 minutes after the protection fades.

Ultimate Pianist :fred:

  • (Passive) - You are attuned to Mire. While sleeping, you are able to project yourself outside of your body to engage in simple actions inside your room. Players will not be able to see you perform these actions, but you will not leave the environment undisturbed and any items that you were holding will drop if you were to be awoken.
  • Aether Attunement - Target a player. They will receive any effects you receive from the use of abilities for the rest of daily life.
  • White Noise - Force yourself to fall asleep. Soundproof your current room. You will not be seen in your current room unless a sufficient amount of effort is put in to search for hidden items or players. The concealing effect will fade in 3 hours, and will only go into effect once per chapter.
  • Voice of God (Ultimate) - Activated by screaming as loud as you can. Blind and deafen up to three (two if less than 8 players were alive at the start of the chapter) other players that can hear you for 2 hours.

Ultimate Politician :fred:

  • (Passive) - You are immune to strikes and improvised weapons. Your fists use the same rolling stats as a sledgehammer. You have triple the jump height. You have authorization to activate various terminals throughout the facility up to class 3.
  • United By Force (Passive) - You can move unconscious players without being heard. You can investigate player inventories twice as much as other players per chapter.
  • Les Immortels - Forcibly confiscate an item from another player. You will then attempt to incapacitate them with it.
  • Endowed Tyrant (Ultimate) - While interacting with a ‘Creation & Vendation’ machine, you can put in a special code to get one of a number of contraband items.




The muffled sound of waves.
The distant smell of salty air.
Open your eyes
Open your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Rub them.
Feel a tug.
Come to senses.

You awaken in a dining room, the walls clapped in wood, cloaked in curtains without windows. You see fifteen others seated around the table. Shadows are cast from lamps on the wall against the forest of cloches on dishes, each one seated in front of a person.

And the chairs are bolted to the floor.
And you are tied to the chairs, leaving only your arms free.

Hatches in the cloches flick up, revealing a miniature computer with a screen on the plates. You look around, and the glow from the other cloches, their screens concealed by the rims of the plate-coverings, confirms that all of them are seeing something roughly simmilar to what you are. You read:

TRIBUNAL 0 - Induction
Select a face from the options below. The person selected by the most people will receive both judgement and a unique experience, and the remainder will be released.
You have 1 hour. Failure to vote will be punished dearly.
All shall be explained in time.

Game Instructions: You have 24 hours out-of-universe. Once a majority has been reached, events will progress. Discuss. Vote in your classcards. And take good heed of this respite before the game begins in earnest.

GAME DESIGN NOTES: the person chosen will be Mired. I switched to this concept for three reasons:

  • I had a very cool and lowkey disturbing way to Mire someone right at the start.
  • starting off with everyone cooperating gives too much of an impression that everyone is supposed to be on the same side. turn them against each other from the start, and then we’re more likely to see some drama. not serious drama, but drama nonetheless
  • the idea is that the prologue has a triadic structure where Three Things Happen to get people immersed into the game- this vote, SOMETHING ELSE (read below), and the revelation that They are In Space

After the vote is concluded:

A beep rings from the ceiling. You look up. The cloches close their hatches. A rail, previously unnoticed, now feels very much conspicuous as a hatch in the ceiling unfurls. A mechanical arm slinks down, a mass of worn-down metal springs and wires… goodness, sloshing? The construction of the whole claw is unnerving, as its hand hangs in front of [chosen player]. A stillness.

(1 minute later)

A second beep. The arm stiffens, a rush of agency blazing its circuits to life. The hand grasps three times. Then, from the palm, a needle, glistening amber, emerges. The arm leans upward, the needle swinging. It leans. Closer.





It leans away.

A thrust, and [player]'s head is pierced, directly in the forehead. The wound begins to glow, a liquid-like amber light splaying out of the hole as the arm retreats, hanging limp over the dining table once more. Their eyes begin to softly glow with a darker shade of that same, bizarre amber.

You’ve seen this on the news, of course. They’ve been mired. But that doesn’t match the experience of seeing it in person, the limpening of their body, the way the glow cycles like blood in a void, the slight choke as their life went… elsewhere.

Absent. Yes. That’s what they are. Not forever, but still absent.

The arm grabs them by the face, as their restraints pop and unlock, and their body is roughly dragged back from their chair, through a set of double doors which are opened mechanically then close.

The last you see of them is a slight glowing in their veins. Amber. A ring forming on their forehead around the wound, still splaying a faint glistening mist through the room that remains for just a second after they leave.

Your restraints release.

At this point, the Prologue effectively diverges in two between the one person discovering things alone and the other 15 getting a regular introduction.



Blinding. Your mind blinks, blinds, binds, bursts.
Close your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Hear the voice.

“…have you ever heard of Schrodinger’s Cat? They say it was […] both alive and dead […] nonsense […] such a thing impossible […] Copenhagen Interpretation […]”

Hah. That science lesson. Well, conventional science isn’t going to help you now. Nobody is quite sure what being MIred means, but what you can say is… well, you’re the cat. That’s all you can say, really.

You have been MIRED. Stay calm. Explore. There is truth here, in some amount. You get the sense that you will be back soon enough.

Open your eyes, and keep them open this time. The shock’s faded. Where are you?

A field stretches behind you and before you. It is narrow, but solid, floating in an endless sea of amber dust that shifts into the shape of maws. Both ends of the field have floating black metal rings above them, carved with slight indentations. Incongrously, a fairly cheap-looking office desk lies in front of one, in a point where the grass is cut short. A metal cabinet with three drawers lies next to it, crushing grass like straw.

Giant pillars of a substance that puts you in the mind of glass-like bubble bath bound around, pushed by a wind you can’t feel.

What can you feel? A sense that this is a place that is no longer in use, and whoever once used to be here doesn’t want you to be here, yet there’s no way they’ll ever know. That’s about all the truth you can get. Far above you, in the skeis above, scraps of places that look faintly familliar drift high in the amber clouds, floating nodules of darkness lit as evening by the False-Sun, high above.

Hopefully you’re just dreaming.



will finish this tomorrow; just posting for the sake of not having an anxiety attack over the draft

fuck you heres the entire plot of the entire god damn game you can’t stop me and you won’t


Abstract: strange alternate timeline; loosely based on ours but with lots of minor differences- don’t be afraid to just make shit up, it’ll be fun. main reasonf or all of this is just set-dressing, which is very important for DR. maybe there’ll be a few puzzles, who knows

The American War of Secession was a massive failure, the Flag-Pages of Sedition (Our timeline: Declaration of Independence) burned and their text banned from all but the most revolutionary of historians.

The French Revolution was followed by an invasion from the British Empire, who used this moment to consolidate their power in Europe, their territory eventually covering Germany and Spain. However, throughout the 19th century, overextension lead to the weakening of British power, the collapse of the system of slavery, and eventually resulted in the stripping of the majority of imperial power from England, causing the vast federal state, slowly losing access to its territories outside of America and Europe to a series of revolutions, into the Atlantic Union.

Eventually, “american” and “European” as designations became subsumed by the definitions of Colonial (American) and Continental (European). *This bit is actually significant!! There is a lot of tension between the two sides.

Also, the border of America never went past the midwest this time.

By the time of the game, 2087, the AU’s system of governance is heavily centered on Berlin, London and Potomac, three cities which vie for being the seat of the Cabinet Of The Last Court, a bizarre combination of an imperial court centered around Soverign Cedarwood I, a person who is functionally a very rad figurehead and nothing more.

Important people in the system of government (in terms of MURDER GAMES). Basically, Dramatis Personae for the people actually responsible here:

Minister of Justice, His Stone-Rooted Lordship, Syr. Henry Blackcroft
Director of Intelligence, Syr. Jeanine Artebellum.
Select Courtier for Matters Concerning Supernatural Philosophy, Dr. Odie Smith
Select Courtier for Matters Concerning Natural Philosophy, Dr. Bryce Veil-Schaften
Petty-Chancellor of the Minor Treasury, Syr. Allen Bleakheath


Abstract: okay, so, here’s the backstory, the whole series of events that actually lead to the killing game happening. this is an important part of the game that i fully intend to Not Fuck Up Too Badly!!! in typical fashion i want this killing game to be simultaneously totally deliberate yet at the same time somewhat accidental, in order to muddy the waters of morality just enough to be interesting. also i’ve decided that the knowledge motivation is by far the most interesting one, but not to learn what the Mire is!! no, the more interesting one is that Odie Smith (ODIN, obviously) actually believes that this whole killing game is the only way to truly learn what Justice™ is . without further ado, here is the Actual Plot of DR6!! if it is lacking something, don’t worry, this is just an outline

Syr. Jeanine Antebellum’s agents managed to intercept a shipment containing the first Mire-Eye, an artifact that, very quickly, was discovered to be an easy way to access the phenomenon known as Miring- a well-known means by which people sustaining lethal injuries will occasionally survive, previously believed to be the intervention of God before the discovery of the Mire, a plane of amber dreams. With this, they immediately recognised a potent tool for the extraction of information- a way to allow someone to experience death with no further harm to them beyond a strange, nightmarish experience in a dimension beyond comprehension.

Quickly, however, they realised that with their resources, they needed contacts, and hence assembled from the current Court of Potomac a group of 4 others- Blackcroft, Smith, Veil-Schaften and Bleakehath, as mentioned previously. They proposed, to deal with the surplus of comdemmed convicts plagueing the justice system, to take them to a secret testing facility where they would be subjected to various MIre-based experiments. However, no suitable place could be found on the planet where this would not be discovered, so a solution was proposed- place them off the planet.

Veil-Schaften designed and built a small prison space station to house the initial experiments, which all turned out… to be unambiguous failures. Even with the Mire-Eye’s influence on the various instruments used (obviously, I fully intend for the initial, smaller space station to be discovered Chapter 3 or so, and have these areas explored without context) the prisoners would seem to become Mired only to actually die soon after.

Upon further investigation, they discovered a distressing fact- it is extremely hard to pass into the section of the Mires that are more survivable unless the Miring was somehow unintentional. Any fully intentional and calculated Miring instead sends the MIred individual to a deep, bleak dream called the Lament inhabited by… beings. Given that the intention was for this to be used as both a method for torture but also, theoretically, as dreamed by the other members of the conspiracy, a method to save lives, by being able to Mire someone suffering from fatal wounds in order to cure said wounds, this was bad news.

That was when Odie Smith spoke up, and came up with a complex but unavoidable solution:

“Friends, we are already in too deep. We must continue. But how, you ask? I do not propose we continue to slaughter common criminals by sending them to the Lament. Is it not obvious? We simply must make all such Mirings somewhat unintentional. And for that… I have a proposal.”

This proposal was, of course, the killing game- a complex means by which many people would be Mired and Unmired. (all people who are killed are in reality just Mired intentionally, since it is known that anyone killed in the station could be MIred. look its the best i could come up with okay i’m tired leave me alone) Surely there were other solutions? But you see, Odie suggested this one for one particular reason: his true motivation was to figure out the true nature of justice. If there is natural justice. If the criminal tendency is innate. Would these people just… not kill? And hence, he selected 16 criminals who had high statuses and were incidentally all somewhat inconvenient to various business interests represented by Bleakheath.

All members of the project agreed, except Veil-Schaften, who felt somehow that this… killing game, which realistically would result in the exact same result as the original experiences, which she was fine with, was wrong. She was… either killed or exiled, who knows?

TL;DR - Incredibly selfish government experiment runs into problem, scientist who becomes Odin circumvents this problem in such a manner that installs an unethical experiment they’ve secretly always wanted to perform into reality.

Likely needs tidying up and to be presented in a less messy format, but you get the gist. Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s not. Characters need more development, but talking just about these specific actions in the big picture will usually get that effect.


…Yeah, this one can’t be completed yet, we don’t know what Ultimates we’re going for. But basically, all of them have done some amount of Bad Things, committed crimes, etc., but can also be seen as victims of circumstance. Except for the Mastermind, Madmen and Mayakalam!

Mastemrind - Agent placed into the game by Jeanine Antebellum to test the MIre’s effacacy as a method of torture specifically, hence explaining their particularly vile motivations.
Mayakalam - i’ll be real with you i’ve got no clue what to do with this one, they could just be selected as a Participant but have some fucking weird ideas
Madmen - Less “MAD” and more… in possession of strange motives. Completely sane.


Essentially, in three sections:

  • Luxury - The place where the players will spend the vast majority of their time. Labyrinthine, beautiful yet somehow hostile, full of ways to accidentally MIre yourself if you aren’t paying attention. Leaves clues to the true nature of the whole thing.
  • Prison - The luxurious section was built around this. Bleak. Dark cold stone. Needles. Lean more horror-y in this much smaller area.
  • Backstage - The place where the game was planned, and where Odin moves around planning things. Disturbingly clean. You aren’t supposed to be here, but you are.


lmao its a dream realm those take ages to lore well, i’ve already typed way too much, i hope you’ll forgive one stub of a section

this is probably terrible but i am Posting It Anyway
please give feedback here in this thread! i think i might get anxious if i get a discord notification about this rn

I think it’d be good to insert in mm a little more nicely into the plot, and utilize their proximity with other players in order to create a sense of ‘closeness’ between the players and the overall plot

even if they are placed into the game by someone else, having a wholly unique motivation that is equal parts ‘assigned’ and ‘vengeance’ is pretty on the nose and satisfying

Mastermind (1+3) - Agent placed into the game by Jeanine Antebellum to test the Mire’s efficacy as a method of torture specifically. Personally wants [x]
Mastermind (2+3) - Pseudo-Corporeal being either killed or intensely wronged by another player. Normally the game would only have 15 players, but the circumstances of being close to the Mire result in the boundaries between this world and the next being much weaker. In many ways a ‘conceptual existence’ of vengeance against a particular person.

The Mayakalam has to be someone who knows and planned for this to take place subtly
At some point before the game they diffused all their memories and sent the crystallized knowledge hurtling through time

Let’s be generous and say that they want to cause the Mire to collapse upon reality, creating a new civilization beyond death as they have seen that the reign of Britain has led to a stagnant civilization.

this is not necessarily a bad thing
Causing a fall of the Mire (a higher plane beyond time and space) would heighten humanity’s consciousness due to the Mire being one with all of a person’s existence

consider it as a tradeoff between good and bad

It affects all of reality but remains close to the players by having it also affect all of them individually
No matter what, they will be subject to this fall if the Mayakalam is successful

Myrddin, the Ultimate Clairvoyant

STR: low, CON: med, AGI: med, INT: limit breaking, LUK: limit breaking

Beloved by God (Passive) - You have a powerful Clairvoyance. Once per chapter, you may ask a question to the host. The host will answer the question as accurately as they can. You are not allowed to speak of the information that you have found. You see things as they truly are and are immune to the effects of illusions.
Lord of Illusions - Target a player. They will gain an invisible shield that will protect them from a physical kill attempt once. This may not be used more than once on each player. This may target yourself, but will fade once the chapter is over.
Dreamwalker - Target a player. The next time they sleep, you will be able to speak with them whilst performing other actions. You will have a corporeal form in any dreams they are having, and your physical body will die if you die within the dream.
Tragedy of the Once and Future King (Ultimate) - During Daily Life, you may choose to disable all recording equipment on the map for 24 hours. During this time, Yggdrasil will be able to be activated, granting one player the opportunity to enter the Mire.
Aid of Divine Providence (Ultimate) - Call upon the Buddha to grant you assistance. You will gain a powerful tool in order to deal with whatever current situation you find yourself in.
Brahmashirsha Astra: Count Zero (Ultimate) - [ONLY USABLE IN ENDGAME] [Activate Yggdrasil in order to bring about the fall of the Mire].

You are the Mayakalam.

Your win conditions are:

  • Activate Yggdrasil using Bramashirsha Astra: Count Zero in order to bring about the Fall of the Mire unto reality.
  • Kill the Agent of Potomac, take their information, and survive the Tribunal.

Having a role with a ‘method of justice beyond comprehension’ makes a lot of sense for the central themes of the game and moreover makes a lot of sense in the context of such discussions
Is something good entirely because it leads to the greatest outcome for all people?
Or is there an underlying ‘best way of things’ that all people should strive for?

That’s the question the Mayakalam poses to players