Dungeon Master - 4/9 - Misc - Canned

Dungeon Master

9-16p Misc
Round Based PvP… Kinda
Similar to Forum Battle Royale

The Map starts out as a 4x4 grid, which will be turned into a 3x3 grid at 9 players, then a 2x2 grid at 4 players. Each player will spawn in a different grid with a preset loot pool.

Rounds are split into four phases: Movement, Looting, Equipment, and Battle.

Movement: Each round, you may choose to move 1 tile in any direction, including diagonally. You may also choose to stay in your current grid for another go at your loot pool. Every round, player locations will be shown on the map.

Looting: After you move to your tile, you will have a chance to loot your tile. There are four different types of items; Physical, Magical, Defensive, and Support, as well as four different tiers; Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary. You will be able to submit three looting actions by default.

The center squares of the 4x4 and 3x3 maps will have higher tiered loot than the outskirts on average, while the corners will have the lowest tiered loot.

Rooms will be made if there is more than a single player on a tile in order for the tile to chat. There will also be a main thread active at all times.

Equipment: Each player will start out with 4 Champions; A Gladiator, a Rogue, a Healer, and a Mage. You will be told which items you have looted from your square, and at this point, you can now equip your items to your Champions. Gladiators and Rogues have an affinity for Physical items, Mages and Healers have an affinity for Magical items, and Rogues and Healers have an affinity for Support items.

Defensive items are broken up into Light Armor, Medium Armor, and Heavy Armor. Only Gladiators can equip Heavy Armor. Healers can not equip Medium Armor.

Each character can equip 2 of any combination of Physical, Magical, and Support items, and 1 Defensive Item.

Battling: Gladiators are strong against Mages, Mages are strong against Rogues, and Rogues are strong against Gladiators. All 3 are strong against Healers, but if a Healer is in the fight, their partner becomes strong against both other types of fighters. If two Healers are in the fight, their effect cancels out. Players will get told who is on their tile, their living Champions, as well as the Champions’ health. They will then fight in 2v2 fights with their Champions.*

Gladiators start with 100 health, Mages and Rogues start with 85 health, and Healers start with 80 health. Champions who are strong against another Champion will deal 1.25x damage to that Champion type, and will take 0.8x damage from that Champion type. The Healer passive will negate any opposing teams’ strengths.

Players will then submit 4 rounds of actions, or a ‘set’, for each character they pick. Character affinities will multiply their respective items’ effects by 1.25x. This stacks additively with strengths rather than multiplicatively.**

If there are 3 players on a tile, then they will engage in two separate 2v2 battles. If there are 4 players on a tile, they will be split randomly into single 2v2 battles. This pattern will continue for all odd/even pairings.

*This means that a Gladiator with a Physical weapon would do 1.5x damage to a Mage rather than 1.5625x damage, for example.

There are four types of actions; Attack, Heal, Support, and Evade. Only Healers can Heal. Gladiators can not choose to Support. For each type of Attack action, you must also submit a preference list of what type of character you would like to attack.

For example, a set from a Gladiator could look like:

Attack [Healer, Mage, Gladiator, Rogue]
Attack [Healer, Mage, Gladiator, Rogue]
Attack [Gladiator, Healer, Mage, Rogue]

Attacks will be calculated starting with a 2d10 for Gladiators, a 3d8 for Rogues, a 4d5 for Mages, and a 1d10 for Healers, and then weapon bonuses will be added (and listed with the item when you pick it up.) After that, Defensive bonuses will be calculated based on the Defensive stat of the item, and then finally, Strength modifiers will be added to get the final damage.

Critical Hits are achieved when you roll the highest number for your base attack (10 for Gladiators, 8 for Rogues, 5 for Mages, and 10 for Healers), and do double the damage.

For example, a Mage attack against a Rogue could look like:

Attack [4, 2, 1, 10] = 17
+1d8 Item [5] = 22
+1d8 Item [3] = 25
Opponent Defense 1d10 [9] = 16
Strength Boost [16x1.25] = 20

This would do 20 damage against a Rogue.

Numbers for all calculations will be rounded to the nearest whole number.

Only Healers have access to the Heal move. This Healing will be done based on a 1d20, and then item bonuses will be accounted for. Healers can heal either themselves or their partner.

Health stats will be updated at the end of a turn based on the cumulative health total. So, if a Rogue with 10 health takes 15 damage, but is then healed for 20, they will survive with 15 health.


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  4. Aleph



  1. Silviu
  2. Frog (Pineapple?)

Players, backups, and specs have all been reset because I don’t remember any of that :sweat_smile:



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I really need some deduction in my life on something that’s uncommon :joy:

Well there wouldn’t really be any social deduction going on :sweat_smile:



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As much as you want ;)

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Spec for now!

It sounds fun but it feels like a lot of math, so I’ll watch it first to get the hang of it, if that’s okay :)

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It’s more a bunch of math on my end but that’s alright

Aye. Unlike Whysper’s game, there really isn’t much reverse-engineering to do on my end.
Everything has been prepared, so all that’s left is to strategize on what my opponents will do.
…actually, I might make another map in Google Sheet again, but since it’s just a 4x4 grid, I really doubt that it will be that interesting to actually make one.