FAM 3: Chloe + Litten Neighborhood

You may speak here at any time.

Chloe are you there and Aliv

if so magnus and min are both wolves probably with turu

magnus has defended all the wolves

min defended wolves
min rolecopped magnus and acted like they knew magnus was lw


i think sabi is wolf btw

i got a bpv from d1 sheep

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tutu defended min
pushed jarek
defended may
defended gorta
evil beings all of them

why’s dat

d1 they claimed they might die n1

d2 they claimed to have a bpv

too dumb what mean

and everything they’ve done here theyve done as a wolf before

imma ask them about their bpv

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why not village liar and wolf liar

whhats ur ita % btw

who the fuck is zirbo

2% for every dead player + 1% + 10%

so about a lot

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dead player per day or?

take dead people times by 2 + 10 + 1 = my ita

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cape has 100% vulnerability today so imma get someone with low accuracy to hit there